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Africa's Business Heroes Application Workshop

The third instalment of the  “Africa’s Business Heroes” (ABH) prize competition has officially launched. To help all you amazing entrepreneurs enter for the competition, the SA Innovation Summit hosted an Application Workshop on the 23rd of April 2021. Are you interested in applying or currently applying? Here is a breakdown of how the application workshop can help you position yourself to respond effectively in your application and pitch.


The Africa’s Business Heroes competition is the Jack Ma Foundation’s flagship philanthropic entrepreneur program in Africa. The program is aimed at identifying, spotlighting, and supporting African entrepreneur heroes who are actively creating impact in their communities and building a more inclusive economy for the future. 

African business heroes stand a chance to win:  

  • A share of $1.5 million – there are 10 cash prizes to be won.
  • Access to world-class mentorship and training. 
  • Networking opportunities with leading businesspeople. 
  • Televised media exposure across the continent. 

Highlights from the speakers: 

Ethel Mupambwa Co-Founder and CEO of MoneyMart, ABH 2020 3rd Prize Winner: “I tell people now that destiny is not an accident and for you to realize your destiny is not by chance. You don’t fall into things by chance but by choice, the choices that you make. I want to encourage everyone today that you better make the choice to participate in this application and after you have made that choice, check yourself and see where you are going to end up in.” 

“The Africa’s Business Heroes is a chance for you to tell your story, to tell us the passions of your life and how you are helping your community.”


Buntu Majaja Director SA Innovation Summit 

Approach to the application process. Overall principles to observe when approaching the application: 

  • Alignment with ABH Values- tone, language, and positioning. 
  • Be consistent in having a single key narrative throughout the application and provide examples as much as possible. 
  • Make it personal – tell a story of who you are and let the readers get to know you and get a sense of who you are.  
  • Clearly articulate the problem you are addressing, the solution you are providing and the strong evidence that customers are buying into the solution. 
  • Writing the application is a journey. Leverage your network to get good feedback on your application.


Anthony Nathan Co-Founder TMARA:  

How to build an Attractive Investment Story:  

Become a market ‘Must-Have’ instead of ‘Nice-to-Have’ or ‘More-of-the-Same’ – those are not attractive stories.

  • Tick the ‘Must-Have’ box by overcoming the main obstacles: 
  • Market Focus (Narrowed) 
  • Product Fit (Enabled) 
  • Offer Value (Guaranteed) 
  • Sales Traction (Validated)

‘Must-Haves’ multiple returns.  

Missed the Application Workshop?  Please watch the full video recording below.

For more information and to apply, please visit this page: 

Do you know any thriving African entrepreneur who could benefit from this competitionPlease let them know that our next application workshop will take place on the 13th of May 2021 

To register attend the application workshop, please sign up using this link: 


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Von Seidels, the 2021 IP Partner of the SA Innovation Summit, will provide 3 prizes in total, 1 for each competition: Prizes for the winners of the Africa Cup, Inventors Garage and Fem-In-Tech competitions from our IP partner, Von Seidels: A brand audit and IP registrations to the value of R20,000 for each competition winner.

The 2021 partner of the Inventors Garage, the Department of Trade, industry and Competition is generously sponsoring amazing cash prizes to the value of R120 000 to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.