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Africa’s Business Heroes Application Support Workshop

The fourth instalment of the  “Africa’s Business Heroes” (ABH) prize competition competition is well underway on a quest to identify and spotlight African entrepreneur heroes who are actively creating an impact in their communities. 

To help all you amazing entrepreneurs enter the competition, the SA Innovation Summit hosted an Application Support Workshop on the 4th of May 2022.  Here is a breakdown of how the application workshop can help you position yourself to respond effectively in your application and pitch. 

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Follow your passion and live in flow

In our next episode in the “Start loud with WHY” series – Danielle Lifschitz, Project Coordinator at SAIS, shares her soul’s purpose and how she aligns her life to point in that direction.

Everyone wants to do what they love and live in flow, but not everyone has the right motivation or mindset to live their life with purpose. 

Danielle throws herself into the pursuits she loves – building entrepreneurship in Africa through the vision of SAIS. She is open to the adventure that she is about to have and looks forward to the incredible future ahead of her as well as SAIS.

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Applications for the 2022 Africa’s Business Heroes are open

Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH), an initiative by the Jack Ma Foundation is back and aims to support and recognize African entrepreneurs who are making an impact in their local communities and building a better, more inclusive future.

As ABH’s Anchor Partner for 2022 in the Southern Africa region, the SA Innovation Summit (SAIS) will support the search for the next “Africa’s Business Heroes”. SAIS will also offer financial management training to ABH finalists and application support workshops.

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How To Implement A Transformative Digital Marketing Strategy That Can 10X Your Sales And Revenue

The reality of today’s digital economy is that customers know they have infinite choices, and they want even more value for their money. Unfortunately, this makes it even harder for the average business to be differentiated in a noisy marketplace.
On 17 March 2022 the TechTribe Community hosted a masterclass on: How To Implement A Transformative Digital Marketing Strategy That Can 10X Your Sales And Revenue with KK Diaz, Chief Strategist at A-Game Business Consulting.

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Random Thoughts of an Entrepreneur – What type of founder are you?

The journey of building a successful business is not a one-way street. There will be times when you have to change lanes.

Let’s be honest: The moment we hold our first business cards in our hands, and it states ‘Founder’ under our name feels awesome, doesn’t it? It is one of those proud moments of most first-time founders and, probably, even serial entrepreneurs.

You have been working endlessly to turn your vision into reality. Becoming a founder is not an easy journey. It requires you to perform tasks that you never thought of, simply because they came up and maybe you did not have anyone else to rely on but yourself. This is the case for many of us when building a business from scratch with no or little money.

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Start-Up Team Readiness with Headroom

Businesses are built (or stifled) by people. Make sure YOU and YOUR TEAM have fresh legs for the mountain stages. Headroom, in collaboration with the SA Innovation Summit and the TechTribe Community, introduces a tailored “Developing the Founding Teams” coaching, mental health, and psychosocial support programme to inject some serious Power Skills into your performance.

On 10 February 2022 we hosted an amazing Masterclass on Start-Up Team Readiness with Headroom Mental Health. The masterclass was a practical and engaging masterclass that explained the importance of team readiness alongside business readiness when it comes to being ready for your top game.

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Technical Due Diligence for Start-ups

An Introduction to Well-Architected Frameworks
Erance Magoro, Senior Start-up Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services who oversees the South African Operations, spoke to us about the many challenges that start-ups face and how you can mitigate or eliminate these challenges using the AWS Well-Architected Tool.

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Strategic Product Design

Many entrepreneurs want to know how to strategically design their product. In an effort to answer this question the TechTribe Community together with {type}DEV hosted a masterclass titled ‘Strategic Product Design’. The masterclass was conducted by Yi Yu (Bruce) Liu, a business and software developer and Senior Digital Strategist at {type}Dev.

There are about 137 000 start-ups that are created every single day. Now the question is how many of the 137 000 succeed, and how many of them fail?

120 000 businesses a day fail every day, leaving only 14% of start-ups to grow in the market.

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Being a Location Independent Entrepreneur

The TechTribe Community hosted a Masterclass on Being a Location Independent Entrepreneur with Estonia’s e-Residency Programme on 17 November 2021.

In this masterclass e-Residency Community Manager Meliisa Palipea-Tasker chatted with two entrepreneurs, Fabrice Amalaman, CEO of PayQin and Jasper Pons, Founder of DroneScan, who are running their businesses through Estonian e-Residency and do so with the freedom of being location independent. They talked about the perks as well as the downfalls of this lifestyle and discussed how to find and get support from a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

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