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The first Summit started with getting the roles and language between government, industry and academics aligned. The content migrated over 10 years into making the tech entrepreneur centre stage and the hero of taking the economy forward.

The SA Innovation Summit is not just about hosting the annual Summit event, but also committed to the whole African entrepreneurial ecosystem (funders, founders, accelerators, corporates, and policy makers and academia) from across the world to connect and accelerate ecosystem outcomes which can support the scaling and replication of innovations.



Provide platforms for start-ups to promote themselves


Source the best start-ups in Africa

Curate them according to client criteria


Grow know-how

Equip with tools to grow and expand business


World class masterclasses and workshops


Bring top talent & experts together to meet & form partnerships

Match entrepreneurs & investors

Create a community to share knowledge, trends, opportunities and business support.


  • Provide a platform where Tech Entrepreneurs and innovators can participate, grow their know-how and connections, and make their ideas come to life. With the rapid advent of the Industrial 4.0 Tech Revolution, the flexibility to integrate, and the speed to market will be absolutely critical.

  • Collaborate with government, academia and industry to build an African system for innovation on a practical level.

  • Provide curated networking with technology leaders and founders, trend specialists, policy makers and forward thinkers.

  • Bring together innovation leaders from different countries, backgrounds, disciplines and world-views, to create an innovative economic environment that will prosper the South African economy and have a positive effect on our clients’ competitive edge.

  • Encourage mutually beneficial deal-making between entrepreneurs and investors.

  • Grow and accelerate organisational innovation culture.

  • Facilitate the establishing of industry-leaders by presenting new market opportunities



TechTribe Accelerator (TTA) is a partner driven online accelerator and virtual mentorship platform. It is born from the need to leapfrog entrepreneurship development in Africa, in order to address pressing social and environmental issues, such as poverty, unemployment and quality of life. It does so by building on the shortcomings of the traditional  “incubator” models; that are either too expensive to scale and tend to provide too broad capacity.

The TechTribe Accelerator is therefore an online accelerator that is accessible to all entrepreneurs with an internet connection irrespective of geography; taking entrepreneurs through a structured investment readiness process and a results-driven mentorship journey.”

  • The TechTribe Accelerator was launched at the SA Innovation Summit on the 13th September 2019. It is now active in six SADC countries with partner hubs.

  • The accelerator is running an investment readiness cohort in 2020.

  • The TTA intends to partner with Innovation Hubs, Universities and accelerators in SADC in order to compliment their programs and entrepreneurship support.

  • The mission for TTA is to setup a sustainable and scalable solution which will end up supporting social and tech entrepreneurs across the continent.

  • To find out more information please visit our website at www.techtribeaccelerator.com


You would associate the Summit with the Pitching Den and the Inventors Garage, but in 2019, we added more competitions for the tech entrepreneur! Africa is earmarked as fertile ground for start-up investments. Through our competitions, we provide the space to link the entrepreneur – with investors, to connect them to the funding they need to scale their business. Read more….


The SA Innovation Summit specializes in facilitating hackathons, workshops, masterclasses and co-creation sessions. The Summit was privileged to have been selected as facilitator and coordinator of a number of explorative sessions followed by a cross company Co-creation session in the Fintech sector. The Summit has extensive experience in running hackathons, workshops and world cafes to bring the best out of teams, guide ideation processes and accelerate outcomes. 


The Summit takes pride in its ability to curate relevant and thought-provoking content.  Annually, content for the Summit is created around a carefully chosen theme, that then plays out in presentations, workshops, master classes and panel discussions, with CEO’s and thought leaders from across the world.



The SA Innovation Summit has collaborated with RedZebra SA in offering two programs:

  • ADVANCED CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING It is intended for directors, managers, and consultants from any industry that need to apply creative solutions to current challenges, improve capacities to stimulate the generation of ideas in them and others, learn to drive innovation within their teams, and effectively manage innovation and creative thought processes. 

    A learning experience aimed at unleashing the collective talent and potential of groups, whether an innovator who wishes to release the creativity of his or her team or entrepreneurs who want to work together in a completely new way. This 4-day workshop aims to explore and practice the fundamental elements of group facilitation. It is a journey of transformation, personally and professionally, for anyone dedicated to help accelerate the full potential of any group.

RedZebra SA
 is part of a global team of experienced and creative facilitators who have worked in some of the most challenging spaces and places around the world. Their work has extended to over 80 countries positively impacting over 2 million people. The organization was founded in 1994 and currently has offices in the United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa and the USA. RedZebra is synonym of effective facilitation in challenging situations.

For more information, contact us now


At the Summit we have identified the youth as a core focus area.  A series of workshops have been offered with the aim of exposing the youth to thinking skills, successful entrepreneurs and innovation in order to challenge them to become creative in problem solving.
Read more… 


As a leader in the field of innovation and entrepreneurial acceleration in South Africa and Africa, the Summit is regularly approached to contribute to policies, conversations and conferences. One such recent project undertaken by the Chairman of the Summit, Dr Audrey Verhaeghe, was an initiative of the European Commission on the policy formulation for Strengthening the Linkages in the National System of Innovation (NSI) in South Africa.



The Summit also runs a business matching platform called Match & Invest.  This platform connects entrepreneurs and funders / suppliers / customers to create an opportunity for deal making. Participants set up meetings using state of the art software and then meet in a dedicated business matching lounge during the Summit to explore business opportunities. Read more…


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