Welcome to the online hub of the SA Innovation Summit

The SA Innovation Summit is a platform for nurturing, developing and showcasing South African innovation. 2016 offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs, innovators, thought-leaders, policymakers, inventors and investors to drive innovation in South Africa and inspire sustained economic growth. There are various lead-up events from June until September, with the main event in September the highlight of the South African innovation calendar.

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Upcoming Events at the SA Innovation Summit 2016

ceo panel
21-22 September | Johannesburg
Thought leadership at its best. An opportunity to see and hear some of the most inspirational innovation speakers live in action.
market on the edge
23-24 September | Johannesburg
An interactive exhibition and showcase platform intended to make innovation come alive through the senses!
23 September | Johannesburg
Celebrating the spirit of innovation, business leaders and innovative movers and shakers will ignite the stage, along with entrepreneurs, artists and entertainers.
match & invest
22-23 September | Johannesburg
Connecting SA businesses and entrepreneurs with funders corporates, academia, new and foreign markets, and others.
fun day
24 September |    Johannesburg
A fun and informative day, designed to ignite a passion for innovation and inspire the youth of South Africa to come up with their best ideas to make South Africa a better place.
inventors garage
23-24 September | Johannesburg
An online competition culminating in finalists exhibiting their invention, prototype or design in the Market on the Edge.
pitching den
22-23 September | Johannesburg
Entrepreneurs, researchers, inventors and innovators are invited to present their innovative ideas, prototypes and inventions to a panel of judges.
23-24 September | Johannesburg
SANTAM Limited offers you an opportunity to build something so brand new, disruptive and radical that you might change the insurance landscape forever…and win some prizes!

An innovation assessment tool designed by Totem measuring the 8 skills required for innovation success, from the front-end of innovation through implementation.

smart cities
September | Johannesburg
Exploring the integration of ICT solutions for best practices in the management of municipal assets.
hall of fame
November 2016
The Hall of Fame honours the companies that raise the most venture capital, create the most impact through job creation or otherwise facilitate a culture of opportunity and excellence.


Our Collaborators and Enablers for 2016

Numerous benefits to being part of South Africa's most exciting innovation platform

  • Networking with like-minded people that will increase your innovation intelligence.

  • Mobilising others through crowd sourcing and Open Innovation.

  • Commercialisation tips.

  • Learning how to pitch your solution.

  • Benchmarking best practice in innovation management.

  • Pathways to success, from idea to market.

  • Local innovation case studies that caused global debate (e.g. through expansion, success stories, tactics, IP protection or legendary acts of inventiveness).

  • Local and global trends in Innovation management – approaches and thinking.

  • Corporate governance, measurement and reporting of innovation.

  • Protecting a new idea.

  • Funding sources at different stages of development.

  • How to create a culture of innovation.

  • Platforms that accelerate or focus innovation effort (Incubators and more).

  • Inspiring and equipping the Corporate Innovation/ R&D Department (designing with the customer in mind).

  • A focus stream on how to grow your small business into a mid-size tech-enabled global business (from R5 million – 50 million).

  • New models and thinking in creating the EDGE through products, processes, business models and services.

  • Innovation Intelligence Tools (BIG DATA; analytic tools; predictive capability; access to information).

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