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The TechTribe Youth Programme aims to expand its reach and exposure of youth in South Africa and the continent to the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The programme will encourage young people to engage with this unique ecosystem provide them the opportunity to connect with and be inspired by upcoming start-ups and thought leaders. With the hope of helping to build their knowledge capacity and networks, the youth can participate in various initiatives offered by the SAIS including the TechTribe Movement and the annual Summit.


The Movement will be led by our amazing Ambassadors. Filling the air with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship across campuses in South Africa, our Ambassadors are dedicated Summiteers who are inspiring and motivating other students to be the gamechangers in the tech-entrepreneurial world.

By joining the TechTribe Programme, you become a part of a community of like-minded students, youth, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, policy makers and funders. There are new skills to gain, new challenges to face, new experiences and of course, access to the Summit – workshops, masterclasses, discussions, exhibitions and the Match & Invest Lounge.


TechTribe Ambassador

Vusie Paye

I am a fun, vibrant young person. Who has a few achievements in the mentoring sphere, I love engaging with people from all walks of life, learning from them and just building great relationships. I am a team player because I believe that umntu ngumntu ngabantu and together we can do so much. I had volunteered in 2019, and I learnt so much and had the opportunity to meet such great unicorns. This year I believe the summit is going to be bigger and better and I would not want to miss it for anything.

TechTribe Ambassador

Penuel Nkosi

I am passionate about entrepreneurship, the SA Innovation Summit is therefore a great opportunity to ignite my entrepreneurial spirit and learn more about pitching, innovations and entrepreneurship in general. This is also a great opportunity for me to meet innovative people, entrepreneurs and like-minded students. I am a born leader, agent of change and paragon of excellence with a contagious sense of humour. I enjoy working in a team and under pressure. I believe in multi disciplinarianism and thus have multiple interests including economics, entrepreneurship, education, politics and social justice.

TechTribe Ambassador

Nomonde Malanda

I am an achiever and an Earth Dragon zodiac animal sign–smart, ambitious and hardworking. What makes me standout is the much mental energy of making sense to events, identifying problems and creating solutions. I help people understand my talent and areas of excellence as a method to motivate and encourage them to realise their very own gifts and unlimited potential. I am very optimistic about life and typically resist temptation to quit when obstacles and interruptions momentarily break my concentration. I have an enthusiasm that is contagious. I am a visionary, solution oriented young growing leader with strong business & technology acumen.

TechTribe Ambassador

Clintena Abrahams

I am a diligent, enthusiastic and confident individual. I am currently a third-year law student at the University of the Western Cape and this will be my second-year volunteering at South Africa Innovation summit. I enjoy engaging with other individuals. I communicate well when put into a group or am merely given tasks to execute within a group. I am able to think quick on my feet. During my free time I engage with many other individuals through other voluntary work I partake in.

TechTribe Ambassador

Queracia Michelle Jacobs

My name is Queracia Michelle Jacobs.

Serving at SAIS 2019 as a volunteer was a challenging but rewarding experience. It opened my eyes to so many possibilities and gave me access to rooms filled with some of Africa’s greatest minds. I am a proud first-generation ambassador of the future of innovation.

TechTribe Ambassador

Glody Nkanga

My name is Glody NKANGA I am 23years of age. I am a Global Peace

Ambassador for South Africa under the United Nation charter. My current goal is working towards being a great African leader that will rise Africa to its former glory (economy wise).

And I believe being a SIAS ambassador is a step forward to the path I have chosen. God bless #Africa will be great!!