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Partner: Dazzle Angels

Hannah Subayi Kamuanga


I am an experienced investor (private equity / venture capital & early stage investments) in Africa.

I am one of the Partners of Dazzle Angels, the first SA female angel fund (http://www.dazzleangels.com/#overview), only investing in women-led tech businesses in South Africa. I have also expanded her activity in the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Through this platform, I am regularly advising hubs (including incubators, accelerators and innovation labs) in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as entrepreneurs (both start-ups and small businesses).

I am also a guest lecturer in entrepreneurship at the African Leadership Academy (https://www.africanleadershipacademy.org/), teaching and advising entrepreneurs on growth strategies, market expansion and operations in particular.

Congolese (DRC), I am currently based in Cape Town and travel extensively on the Continent (including West Francophone Africa and North Africa).

I am also a regular speaker, host, panellist, judge of start-up competitions.

Strategy Advisor for MEA: Swiss Re

Elaine O’Brien


Elaine works with Swiss Reinsurance comapny in Zurich, Switzerland. Over the past 5 years she has worked on the implentation of the company’s African growth strategy and as part of this, the building up of the company’s presence in South Africa and the Ivory Coast. Her background is in consulting, economics and sustainability and she has a passion for defining and implementing transformational strategies.

Deputy Head of Division, Supervisor Start-up Coaching: Innosuisse – Swiss Innovation Agency

Christoph Folk


Co-designer, developer and supervisor of Swiss initiatives to support and promote science-based innovation and entrepreneurship since 10+ years. Supervisor of the Innosuisse Start-up Coaching programme and deputy head of the division Start-ups and Next-Generation Innovators.

CEO: MyGrowthFund Venture Partners & Managing Partner: Watermark Afrika Fund Managers

Vusi Thembekwayo


Vusi Thembekwayo is a Global Business Speaker, private equity Managing Partner at Watermark Afrika, CEO of pan-African impact investment firm MyGrowthFund Venture Capital & convenor of leading research boutique IC Knowledge BureauRanked number 1 in public speaking at the age of 17, Vusi went on to receive third place in the world at the English-Speaking Union International Competition. He delivered his first professional talk in 2002 and over the past 15years he has been gracing the global stage with his humour, charisma and thought-provoking content. His debut book, the Magna Carta of Exponential was launched in Barcelona, Spain in 2017. It sold 6,000 copies on the day of launch.His follow-up book, Vusi – lessons from a Black Dragons is a multi-award best-seller available on audible & Kindle.Vusi Thembekwayo is making waves internationally as a thought-provoking young business leader from the continent with many ideas on solving economic issues in Africa. His mission is to change the African narrative by challenging the mindset and approach towards achieving economic freedom.


Peter Greenwall

Director: Innovation101 & Creative director at INNOVATION101

Inspiring the innovation mindset in schools, uni’s and corporate sector.

“A competitive pitching event, where 10 Swiss and 10 South African start-ups will face each other in front of a broad audience and investors to gain exposure to the South African market, gain access to funding and business support, and to prove market traction. This competition is focused on high-tech start-ups linked to academia.”

Cabrito Cuts

Founded in October 2019, Cabrito Cuts is a 100% Black female-owned Agribusiness company specialising in Boer goat breeding, meat production and processing. Our unique value proposition is that goat meat due to its healthful chemical nutrient profile is potentially going to be the next major of animal derived protein for human consumption in the not too distant future.

Ithuba EcoDiesel

EcoDiesel is a biodiesel distribution company and aims to deliver a full 360 solution to our clients. From fuel, to the accessibility to a fuel management system that records everyone’s CO2 emissions in order to achieve our agreed Paris treaty agreement. We want to make the decision of choosing biodiesel easy for customers in South Africa.

Ambani Africa

Ambani is a platform that makes early learning easier because it allows South African Grade R learners to learn subjects such as Language, Maths and Life skills in their mother-tongue.

Ambani offers ‘gamified’ educational content for multi-sensory learning. The app uses augmented reality to teach foundation phase subjects that are curriculum-aligned in the language of the users choice.

Ziningi Imbali Enterprise

Ziningi Imbali Enterprises is an African youth owned enterprise which manufactures and distributes a dissolvable toilet deodoriser named DecantAir. The product is an innovation developed by the founder of the business Palesa Malinga and is used to defuse malodours which emanated from toilet use. It is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly alternative to air fresheners.

 It offers an alternative manner to achieve the desired result as it is not released into the air, it dissolves completely in water as it is made of fully organic materials. The production process also offers a low carbon footprint as it is hand made.

Trove Clothing

Trove Clothing is a social e-commerce marketplace that facilitates the exchange of pre-loved items and we offer our users the opportunity to donate unwanted items to charities through the platform.  

Yellow Beast (Pty) Ltd

Nosetsa is a digital water use efficiency add-on for agricultural markets that is made by the cleantech start-up Yellow Beast (Pty) Ltd.

It is a response to the need for different climate responsive technologies which can mitigate the clashes between water shortages and the need for producing more crops with less resources. This is also keeping in mind the awareness of stakeholders of the need for water use reduction across stakeholders. Where food is produced, human related factors like over-irrigation can occur and can harm equipment and waste capital investments, and crops.

The project is actively seeking investment. Nosetsa is completing its research and development phase, and is seeking to finalize product ahead of an upcoming market launch.

Drone Eye Technology

Drone Eye Technology was established in 2019 to seek innovative ways to promote efficiency in the environment, water and sanitation sector, providing necessary information for better decision making. To become leading drone specialists, environmentalists, and conservationists in South Africa. Promoting healthy, clean, and sustainable environment and rivers through the use of drone technology. Drone technology is the future and drones are:
• Accurate because they are equipped with AI.
• Time efficient when performing tasks.
• Cost effective for business and ability to save precious field resources.
• Reducing government financial loss through deploying drone technology.
• Jobs opportunities for drone specialists, environmentalists, and conservationists.
• Effortless and user friendly.
• Drone consulting services.

Uncommon Buziness (Pty) Ltd

Uncommon Buziness (PTY) LTD is building a smart toothbrush that gives you feedback after brushing your teeth and your dental hygiene summary. It also reminds you of your dental appointment, it detects dental issues and alerts on when to go and see the dentist.

Weave Connect

Weave Connect gives women across Emerging Markets a digital platform to access inspiring and relatable role models, choose their career path, and link to employment opportunities. And in turn, tell their story and become a role model for other women.

Weave Connect is a platform aggregator of the world’s leading video and education content, distributed through mobile operator partnerships.
Weave Connect is a South African registered Non-Profit Company that reinvests its profits into growing the service.


CONTRE ASSET TRACKING is basically an electronic device installed in an asset, to enable the owner or a third party to track the assets location in real-time. We offer IMMEDIATE AND ADEQUATE NOTIFICATION- as soon as there’s a breach of security on any CONTRE protected assets our systems will notify the customer and CONTRE, and we may begin ASSET RECOVERY. At a cost of R350 ONCE-OFF INSTALLATION AND R30 monthly fee, we plan to sell our product to institutions and organizations, then households for R350 installation R20 monthly fee.

Evodrop AG

With ideal water and a sustainable corporate philosophy, we want to influence the water market in the long term.

We provide clean and excellent water. Whether for people, animals, or plants. Whether as drinking or consumption water. Whether at home, at work, in the gastronomy, industry or agriculture. With our innovative water treatment systems, we provide the ideal water for every use.

In addition, we have made it our business to contribute our part to a sustainable environment and with Evodrop we support our non-profit association, the “Umuntu Movement”.


Medicud is a medical device startup developing a mechanically powered negative pressure wound therapy to democratize access to wound healing.


Risklick AG is a multidisciplinary team of data scientist, risk analysis and clinical trial experts whose focus is to assist clinical trial designers analyze and mitigate risk of their clinical trial in design phase by utilizing machine leaning and artificial intelligence technology on big clinical trial data. Specifically, Risklick AG prevents prognosticates and counteracts negative surprises by learning from previous clinical trials.

SmartBreed Gmbt

SmartBreed Gmbt https://www.smartbreed.ch/   SmartBreed is a Swiss Agritech start-up that offers insect breeders a local and complete breeding solution. We want to make the advantages of insects industrially usable and accessible for everyone.

Therefore we offer stackable, fully automated breeding boxes in which insects can be bred cost-effectively, resource-saving and hygienically – locally directly at customer site. We want to make the economy more circular and sustainable by converting local agricultural waste into high-quality proteins and fertilizers via insects. To reduce the breeding time and optimize breeding we work together with different universities in fields such as optimal insect food (under consideration of ecological footprint), perfect light conditions and optimal temperature and humidity. Additionally, our box is full of sensors, with which we can track the breeding conditions and the growth of the insects and optimize it. As of today we focus on grasshoppers and meal worms.    

4Bridges Gmbh

Our product 4cash boosts micropayments using cryptocurrencies. For B2B relations 4bridges offers an API to enable retail customers to pay bitcoin while retail receive Swiss Francs, Euros and other fiat currencies. For B2C 4cash is providing access via 4cash.io where users can start to make payments. All services with transaction history and printable invoices. B2C users can access 4cash.io via mobile device and start to spend crypto currencies in daily routines. Retail shops can easily register and enable customers to pay in bitcoin or ethereum, while the shop receives Swiss Francs. B2B Online customers can easily access our open API @ doc.4cash.io & start the integration.


SWOXID developed a nanoporous aerogel composite membrane which – upon solar irradiation – is able to render contaminated water safe by removing and inactivating infectious disease-causing biological agents such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa and worms. This new-generation filtration technology is applied in a gravitational solar-thermal water purifier, which filters and sterilizes contaminated water with sunlight. It does not require electricity, nor dosage of chemical agents to provide the sterilization effect.
During the Covid-19 pandemic we have integrated our light-sterilisable filters into the reusable antiviral face masks.
The SWOXID water purifier panel and reusable face mask represent an economical and environmentally friendly option to improve global public health in line with the Sustainable Development Goals 1,3,6,12, 13, especially disease prevention in the developing countries.

Securaxis SA

Securaxis technology combines acoustic and deep artificial intelligence to detect and analyze specific sounds in a specific location permitting accurate and reliable monitoring of the activities that generate them, and allowing for actions. A technology currently used in use cases such as Traffic monitoring, safety & security, sound based lighting.


With the largest network of agricultural commodities data suppliers in the world, AgFlow is striving to become the market leader in the provision of fundamental data in the Ag space.

Our vision is to digitalize the agricultural commodities industry, with the goal of enabling effortless, informed and timely decisions.

The key components of our solution are a web-based (and mobile based) intelligence platform and API access. This combination empowers agricultural commodities buyers, sellers, risk managers, investors and movers by providing accurate, clean and privileged data from unbiased sources. It saves them time and money, while increasing efficiency, productivity and competitivity.

HR Tech Venture

HR Tech Venture https://hrtechventures.com   We provide Talent and Performance Management, tools and workshops to individuals and corporations. We help integrate technology with companies’ people strategy. We have a human centric approach and use blockchain technology for our HR Business Management tools. Our tools are providing candidates and employees with more ownership of their data-sets with them granting companies view- and predefined use rights.
Our services and products in Talent and Performance Management are designed to help individuals and businesses to match candidates to job profiles. We enable people to implement their strengths and knowledge where these assets will be used and valued. We help businesses to save time to find or to develop their talent by applying persona and JTBD. And we help businesses to appy adequate performance management in a digital world. 

The main challenges we are addressing are personal identity and data ownership, talent identification, planning, sourcing & placement in time, performance management and workforce development.  


XIMMA is an acronym for: X-Information-Modelling-Matri-Architecture. We are a technology-driven company that provides unique housing solutions with Integrated REVENUE generators.
As a nexus of technology, gender empowerment and inclusive human centred design, we end up developing an innovative housing approach that embraces diversity, ensures affordability and respects the life-cycle of a building’s ecological footprint.

E-traid Gmbh

e-traid Mission: Enable the world’s SMEs to connect to global trade through

We help your business get selling on key global B2C marketplaces
Service includes advice for on-boarding, product listing optimization, pricing and shipping strategy

Who buys our services?
Private and Public Export
Development Organizations -International Organizations looking to strengthen the SME sector in developing markets (World Bank, USAID, GIZ, EBRD, ITC)

Why buy our services?
Customers increasingly want to capitalize on the
fast-growing e-commerce ecosystem -Customers lack the in-house know-how and resource about enabling cross-border e-commerce for their beneficiaries