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What is it that separates great companies from normal companies? Even within the same market and industry some companies just stand out.

Normally, companies know what they do and how they do it, but do they know why they exist? 

In the widely referenced TED talk by Simon Sinek, he demonstrates that the best brands and most innovative companies start with WHY, letting the WHY define the WHAT and HOW. Starting with the WHY ensures a consistent message that will permeate the internal culture, and positively influence the external brand, product, and customer experience.

If you are not familiar with it, you can listen to his talk on the importance of WHY below – It is worth it!

The “WHY” of a business does not refer to goals like solvency or profitability, but it is something deeper. It is a purpose, a cause, or a belief that drives us forward -the notion that gets us out of bed in the morning. Arming ourselves and our teams with a sense of purpose is critical to creating an emotional bond with the work being done. People enjoy doing work with purpose and it allows them to be more innovative while going an extra mile.

Values provide a framework for achieving your purpose that helps you in planning, decision-making and execution of both daily and big picture tasks.

The core values we define at SAIS are an extension of our “WHY”, a way to clarify and codify our purpose. 

Through a series of blogs on “Start Loud with Why”, we will look:

  • At our (SAIS’s) WHY,
  • Our individual WHY’s as a team and,
  • Deep dive into some of our community members and thought leaders’ WHY’s

We want to ask you to join us as we unpack their yummy stories of purpose over a series of inspiring WHY’s. We hope that you will be able to relate and learn things about your WHY, such that you may clarify and communicate your purpose, culture, and ethos in a way that resonates.

Want to know more on our Ethos and Why? – Click here 

The TechTribe Community is a community helping you to thrive and to take steps towards growing your business! If you are interested to learn more about subjects such as these and others important to business join us here


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