Von Seidels, the 2021 IP Partner of the SA Innovation Summit, will provide 3 prizes in total, 1 for each competition: Prizes for the winners of the Africa Cup, Inventors Garage and Fem-In-Tech competitions from our IP partner, Von Seidels: A brand audit and IP registrations to the value of R20,000 for each competition winner.

The 2021 partner of the Inventors Garage, the Department of Trade, industry and Competition is generously sponsoring amazing cash prizes to the value of R120 000 to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

The Moolman Institute is proud to be a prize sponsor for this prestigious and highly competitive event. The top 3 start-ups in the Africa Cup will each win the full Financial Modelling for Entrepreneurs course series, as well as the Opportunity Assessment for Entrepreneurs and Innovators course to the value of R6 100 each. The Moolman Institute offers high-quality, practical technology commercialization courses for entrepreneurs and innovators, to help you figure out whether you should build it, sell it, share it, or shelve it. He also offers the other competition finalists a 50% discount on the course.

The Creativity Development Centre in Lebanon offered ALL the Africa Cup Finalists Ecommerce training between 10 – 15 hrs including: Business model & introduction to E-commerce, how to prepare posters flyers for social media, how to manage websites, and finally how to prepare a campaign on social media…, some will be individual coaching sessions usually last 1 hour between 3 to 5  sessions including: finding potential customers, marketing, financial management and more according to the needs for each individual/team.

And then finally, Amazon Web Services, a SAIS Community sponsor, runs a start-up programme called Activate. This program is designed for startups and early stage entrepreneurs that provides AWS credits, AWS Support credits, training credits, exclusive offers, go-to-market support and more. These benefits are designed to give founders in the #SAIS2020 techtribe the right mix of tools, resources and expert support to quickly get started on AWS and grow your business. The entrepreneurs who pitched in the various competitions and demo’s will be provided with the following (#AWS) Activate Benefits;

– Up to $5000 Activate Credits for Up to 2 years and also

– Up $1500 Business Support (Up to 1 year Technical support)



1st place- LiquidGold

2nd place – CIRT Q-HOP

3rd place- Baramoda Egypt 


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1st place – Karma Science

2nd place – VideoMed

3rd place – Marula Charcoal

Inventors Garage Facebook Competition Winner  – MAFATS App 

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The top 3 start-ups – Memeza Shout, Creditais, and Four Minute Knowledge

The recipient of the von Seidels prize will be communicated at a later stage.

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