SA Innovation Summit Main Pitching Den Winner to take Africa to the World!!

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AbdulAziz Mohammed (pictured above) is handed over his trophy after winning the Main Pitching Den competition.

MPost co-founder, Abdulaziz Mohamed emerged the victor of the Main Pitching Den at the 2018 SA Innovation Summit which took place in Cape Town, September 2018. As the winner he will go onto represent Africa at Startup World Cup (a global conference and competition that brings together the top startups, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and world-class CEO’s) – where he will stand to win the grand prize of $1-million investment.

His Kenyan startup has designed Mpost, a solution which uses mobile phones to provide users with a unique postal code. In addition to this, the solution also allows customers to track letter and packages. He chats to us about his participation in the SA Innovation Summit and his experience as an entrepreneur.

Who is AbdulAziz Mohammed?

AbdulAziz Mohammed is well versed in theoretical and practical applications of strategic management. He holds a Masters degree in Strategic management and currently undertaking a PHD on the same. Previously worked worked as the head of Strategy and Planning at the UFA (Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority). Currently Aziz leads Taz technologies as the Chief Executive Officer. He brings great leadership ability and vast technical expertise to the company.

What is MPost about?

MPost is a patented technology enabling any mobile phone user to transform their phones into a unique mobile postal box. Through a configuration of exclusive partnerships with national postal services around the world, users can register themselves with Mpost to send, receive mails and parcels. Large scale expenditures on infrastructure associated with linking traditional postal system to mail boxes located at the ‘last mile’ are eliminated. In addition to the mail services, MPost also enables users to pay for goods and services and to send, receive monies via e-banking services. We partner directly with host countries’ national post office and our solution is independent of any telecommunications or internet service providers. Visit Link to learn more

What impact will your product have?

Convenience – Once mail is received at the Post Office; an SMS notification is sent to the Phone and the mail can be delivered across the country. Hence providing convenience to our clients.

Security – With Mobile based service communal sharing of boxes is eliminated hence enhancing security and privacy for our clients.

Affordability – MPost is technologically driven and therefore riding on existing infrastructure. The virtual box costs Kshs300 per year (USD 3.00) which is quite affordable compared to the current USD 50.00 per annum for the traditional box.

Inclusion – The ability to entrench addressing within a populace. With MPost, anyone with a phone number can own a virtual post office box.

How has your participation in the SA Innovation Summit Main Pitching Den changed your business?

It influenced our business positively;

– Exposure to investors
– Exposure to new markets
– Exposure to fellow startups that we can collaborate with around the world.

One of your prizes is an entry to the Startup World Cup that will take place in May 2019 at Silicon Valley, San Francisco, how do you feel about that?

Well, that’s great! We feel honored this will mark a significant moment of achievement to our business in terms of exposure both to new markets and investors as well as networking.

What made you want to participate in the SA Innovation Summit?

Being a startup company, growth, exposure and opportunity to grow our business is critical. The world-renowned platform such as the SA Innovation summit is and was a good start point to achieve this.

What challenges were you faced with while building your product?

The greatest challenge is finances and making people believe that the product is not only good but credible. We had to build trust of our target clients and prove that our product is efficient. The adoption of risk management solutions remains a critical factor for business growth.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs or those looking to start their own business?

Don’t wait for tomorrow, the world is moving rapidly. There is no specific strategy to succeed in any business. Plan yourself as you move upwards. Money and profits will definitely come. As they say, success loves speed.


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