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The Investor Gamification explained 

The Pre App is a gamification element to all the start-up competitions that will take place at this year’s Summit. With the Pre App we ask all attendees to put their investor caps on, meaning you will get the opportunity to play the role of an investor and judge in the various competitions.  

How you ask? 

To do this you will need to download the Pre App if you have not done so already. On this app you will be able to score and invest in your favourite start-up as the pitch battle unfolds. As you watch the start-ups pitch you can score, view their profiles, and of course invest PreMoney, mock money, into any start-up you think looks promising.  

Go sign in! 

In every competition you, as the investor, will be given time to ‘invest’ in the startups participating. Once all the startups had the opportunity to pitch/demo their product/company the Pre App will close. All participating attendees will then be able to see what their ROI, return on investment, is on their investments and the attendee with the highest ROI will win a prize!  

Five competitions will be using Pre app, which means there are five opportunities to receive the best attendee investor prize! 

Worried that you know nothing about what to look for in an investment? Do not worry, throughout the entire summit we will have investors giving you expert opinions to help you with your Pre investments.  

Now go, invest, and enjoy! 

To Download and register: 

  1. Go to your app store and search ‘Pre: Play with our money’
  2. Look for the Pre icon and press download.
  3. Open the App and click on register- If you are participating in a competition, then your account type will be ‘startup’- If you are an attendee and not participating in a competition, then your account type will be ‘preInvestor’
  4. You will need to verify your account via email, so use an email you have access to
  5. You will then go back to the app and sign in

To set up your Pre Account: 

How to Use the Pre App: 


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