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Often entrepreneurs believe that you need funding to start your business. When in fact you probably need sales. Sales is very important as an entrepreneur; without it you do not have a business. Somewhere in our society, selling and being a salesman got a bad reputation. We are here to remind you to sell, sell, sell, sleep, eat and sell some more. In this article we discuss how to succeed in your sales pitches.

As an entrepreneur, it is crucial that you recognize what your potential customer’s challenges and qualms are before you can initiate a sales pitch. You need to position yourself as someone who is empathetic and can offer a solution that can make their life or business tangibly easier.

The “pushy salesman” is the person that sells for their benefit and not their client’s benefit. Clients can pick that up immediately. This approach will cause you to lose a potential customer as you have not applied effective questioning to fully determine whether what you are proposing will be an incredible fit or not. We use ‘incredible’ quite deliberately because you want to strive to be incredible at what you are offering your client.

Take a step back from pitching

It is human nature to want to resist whenever we feel like we are being dragged into something that we are not wholly confident about.
When a prospective client comes to you with a problem or challenge, try not to jump into proposing a solution. That is how an amateur salesperson tries to close a sale. Instead, do it professionally and ask questions: “What would you say this problem is costing you?"
Remember: "Whoever asks the questions controls the conversation".

Why ask questions?

When people are speaking, that is when they are most involved rather than when they are listening as they can easily drift off and lose focus. Therefore, when you are negotiating a sale, do not go on and on about how amazing your product is; instead, ask questions – people enjoy talking about themselves, their challenges, and expectations. This is how you gain confidence and can effectively deliver a sales pitch.
It is only after you have thoroughly listened to their concerns can you proceed with your sales pitch.
Asking questions and listening is also a good way of building rapport. “People do business with people that they like”.
A sales pitch becomes a two-way dialogue: understand the customer needs then pitch your product or service as the solution to meet those needs. This way they feel they get value for money as you would have created an atmosphere that makes them feel cared for and valued. They also feel more invested in the solution because you have co-created it to an extent.

Here is a quick guide on how to deliver the perfect sales pitch:

About the Author:

Nomsa Chauke: Director, Nu Radar Business Solutions

Nomsa Chauke is the founder of Nu Radar Business Solutions a consulting company that specialises in online lead generation. Helping its clients to generate content that allows them to effectively attract customers. Under the leadership of Nomsa Chauke, the company has won a business pitching challenge on SABC 2’s Game Plan. Prior to starting her own business, Nomsa has worked as a lead generator for Open Learning Group Pty Ltd and won four awards consecutively and being the best lead generator. Her corporate experience has allowed her to gain knowledge & experience in business administration and technical support (IT). Nomsa has a diploma in marketing management from South West Gauteng College 2014. She dedicates her spare time to making a difference in the lives of at-risk children in her community through her NPO Platform4Change where she has collaborated with the SOS Children’s Village.

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