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Meet Your Match at #SAIS2020

Networking is a key part of any event and we have made sure that virtual networking is even easier and smarter through Match&Invest (M&I). It is an online platform that makes finding who you need easy. It matches what you are seeking with the offers from other participants. 

This because success in business and fund-raising is all about visibility to the appropriate audience, getting noticed by the right investors and clients. Attending events is a great way to achieve thisand this is no different at the Summit 

What is important to note is that networking is happening on two platforms at the Summit. Firstly, your curated meetings are matched using our AI tool Mach&InvestSecondly, we have meetups and community chat-groups on our event App Whova. You can access M&I through our event space too.

Click HERE for a breakdown  

There are couple tips we want to share with you to make the most of the networking at the Summit.

1. Try to find out who is on M&I ahead of time and schedule meetings sooner. Through M&I you can:

  • Showcase your profile and business to all attendees.
  • Receive suggested meetings based on your profile.
  • View your curated matchmaking report (see the companies that have been matched to you).
  • Select who you would like to meet.
  • Have online meetings and virtual pitches.

2. Be sure your profile is updated and complete.

  • Think about your next big move and include it in your profile, the person you will meet could be the person that contributes to it. 
  • On M&I there are SMME’s, start-ups, investors, government entities, incubators, corporates and more. They span industries in Agriculture to fintech and healthcare. One of these is certainly on your list of [need to meet].
  • We already have more than 200 meetings scheduled and climbing. And the better presented one’s profile is, the higher the chances that you will be invited to a meeting or have a meeting you request, accepted.  


3. Get informed, read the manuals.

  • Ever tried to assemble a table without reading the manual and then realised that you had some parts backwards and other pieces not used? The table still works as a table and that is fine for a table, but we would not recommend it for your business and organisation’s objectives. That is why we prepared an M&I step-by-step guide, click HERE for the user guide. If you want to read more about our AI-driven matching platform click HERE. For the Match&Invest video click here


What are you still reading this? Jump to the manuals and start your Match&Invest experience now. 


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