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CEO of TDP Data Systems, Jim Beddows will be hosting three masterclasses on data-driven public-private innovation.

The presentation and materials will be the first time they have ever been presented publicly anywhere in the world—other than in private, closed-door sessions with public/private entities (e.g., global 2000 corporations, the US Federal government, Japanese government, the Hong Kong government etc.)

The master classes are as follows:

  1. Masterclass 1: Data-driven program and examples to shape and curate the STEM workforce of the future targeting educators; academia; policy makers; public-private; NPOs/NGOs.
  2. Data-driven programs to increase the “supply-side” of research, innovation, entrepreneurship and intrepreneurship targeting academia; policy makers; public-private; NGOs/NPOs; startups; startup incubators/accelerators; SMEs; mid-caps; large corporations.
  3. Data-driven programs to help the “demand-side” for innovation close their innovation gaps and to grow/retain jobs targeting large corporations; mid-caps; SMEs; public-private; NGOs/NPOs



Jim Beddows is a Fortune 50 intrapreneur responsible for over $3B in new products and services around the world, and the CEO of TDP Data Systems.


Purchase your #SAIS2019 ticket for his keynote or book a slot for his in-depth master classes! Make your bookings here!


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