MAP THE DIGITAL JOURNEY OF YOUR BUSINESS: Ensuring that your website, platform or App attracts customers, keeps them and drives sales!

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

Most entrepreneurs digitalize their business through tools, processes, payment gates and more. Often, we do it in bits and with different groups of people with different agendas. To solve an immediate problem, usually. This creates, over time, a disconnected journey through your business that can be detrimental to your growth.

Recently our team at the SA Innovation Summit went through a profound experience of mapping the digital journey of our business. The end goal: To ensure that our platform attracts customers, keeps them, ensures user engagement and drive sales. 

Let me start with our world before this intervention. I am sure you will relate.  As a business we have been collecting payments online, ran a comprehensive website, built apps and ran a digital business. Everything happens online. So, when we decided that we want to build an app for our community effort, connecting startups across Africa and supporting trade across the continent we went to a few development houses and asked for quotes. We developed a comprehensive brief. This is where the struggle started. No-one wanted to give us a quote. We needed to raise the money for the built. Not being able to get a reliable quote put us in a difficult situation. We knew what we wanted to build is comprehensive and we needed to know how many coins we need for a minimum viable product.

It was painful until we met {type}DEV. So today is a shoutout to {type}DEV. They took us with them on a digital journey. They scoped, designed and created a digital feel for what we wanted to build. They challenged us a lot. A lot I say!  It was a 3-month process to map the digital journey. The UX journey to talk IT. 

It was intense, but we sorted out all our own misalignment and walked away with a digital strategy, that talked to a value proposition that was underscored by digital value creation and customer understanding. The UX journey that we went through answered the Why, How and What questions of platform built. It is MUCH MORE than code. It is a seamless dance between your value proposition and your customer journey. It is art and science in one.

Because of this great experience we decided to convince them to do a masterclass at the 2021 SA Innovation Summit on ‘Mapping the Digital Journey of your Business’ on 22 September. I hope that this session will inspire startups to spend a little bit of money to save a lot of money by creating the scope of your digital journey before you start to build it.

Click here to understand their process better.

Written by

Audrey Verhaeghe – Chairperson, SA Innovation Summit 

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