Leadership Accelerator: A Powerful Self-Coaching Platform for Leaders

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The world is rapidly recognising the importance and viability of digital leadership development platforms. Digital platforms are able to reach and engage a wide range of individuals over geographically-dispersed areas, to provide leadership development and learning when and where the user requires it.

Leadership Accelerator, the result of a Coaching Practice and a Tech Startup joining forces, is a self-coaching platform for developing leaders that is accessible 24/7 on virtually any digital device.

Leadership Accelerator empowers individuals to manage their own growth with tools they can use to guide themselves through the toughest leadership challenges. The Leadership Accelerator coaching guides (“cogs”) are designed to make users feel like they are having a Whats App conversation with a virtual coach, enabling users to reflect on their own unique contexts.

Leadership Accelerator is not the same as eLearning. eLearning delivers purely content, whereas Leadership Accelerator delivers content and then guides users through practically applying the principles from the content within their current context.

It’s the difference between just reading the “7 habits” vs reading and then reflecting on what these “7 habits” could practically look like in your day-to-day activities.

As part of the Innovation Summit 2019, delegates will receive free trial access to Leadership Accelerator for a limited time*.

How can Leadership Accelerator help your business?

  • Improved performance by nurturing the skills necessary to create balanced, self-aware, and impactful leaders.
  • Greater employee engagement by empowering individuals to solve their own problems and giving them the necessary tools with which to do so.
  • More effective collaboration by enabling individuals to build their team and communication skills and giving them a space to share their insights.
  • Simpler, better succession planning by delivering a coach-like experience to developing leaders at the scale of a cloud-based system.
  • Improved retention by letting your employees know that you’re encouraging them to grow.
  • Very low cost per hour of learning, with high impact on behaviour.
  • Highly flexible and customisable, to ensure alignment with your corporate and learning strategies.
  • Easily and effectively blended with instructor-led training, since online self-coaching prepares users to optimise their time in offline learning.
  • Just-in-time learning solution empowers users to interact with the system anytime, anywhere (learning when and where it matters most).

In 2014, Leadership Accelerator was awarded the prestigious title of “Best Soft Skills Platform” at the annual DevLearn DemoFest conference in Las Vegas. DevLearn is North America’s largest conference for e-learning technologies, with thousands of exhibitors and professionals attending each year.

For more information, visit: https://cycan.co.za/digital-coaching-solutions/

*Delegates will have access to Leadership Accelerator from 11 September 2019 – 25 September 2019. Delegates can access Leadership Accelerator via the link on the Summit confirmation email or by scanning the QR code on the Cycan business card in their Summit goodie bag.

And as a Summit delegate, you’ll receive FREE trial access to give Leadership Accelerator a test drive!


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