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A highlight of the SA Innovation Summit that allows innovators, inventors and unique creative thinker to showcase their innovative talent. The Inventors Garage is an opportunity for entrepreneurs with a working prototype or product from proven concept to pre-commercialisation to gain access to funding or incubation, market exposure and business support.

Finalists are awarded an opportunity to exhibit their invention, prototype or design at the 2022 SA Innovation Summit in Cape Town.

Entries for Inventors Garage are now open. For more information, please contact us:



The first round of evaluation will be done to review applications for VALIDITY and FEASIBILITY based on the information submitted.  The second round of judging will select the top 10 inventors to go through to the Summit. 


Is your invention one of a kind?


Is there a market for your invention?


Is there further growth potential?


Does it really work?


What have you done differently along the innovation route?


Below are the General Terms & Conditions for the 2022 INVENTORS GARAGE:
  • The SAIS reserves the right by its sole discretion not to accept entries should they have been made by illegitimate, suspicious, and/or unqualified participants. Additional documentation may be requested during the review process as proof of information provided in the application.
  • All entries are to be made through the online form. Entries received via email or other channels will not be accepted.
  • Only fully completed entry forms will be reviewed. Any entries with missing information will be automatically disqualified. 
  • Any entries that do not meet the criteria for the competition entered will be automatically disqualified. Entrants to ensure their business meets the competition requirements before completing the form.
  • Entrants to ensure concepts are protected – competitions are non-confidential. Concepts will be viewed by the public and therefore important to not divulge the know-how e.g. formula, code etc.
  • By entering the competition, you give the SAIS permission to use images, footage and other visuals collected during the live pitch on social media, website and other relevant platforms.
  • If an investment offer is made, due diligence will be undertaken and the potential investors have the right to request documentation. Should the information provided in the entry form be a misrepresentation of the business, the investors can withdraw their offer.