Incub8Africa Masterclass – Maximizing the Success of Africa’s Business Incubators & Accelerators

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This introductory Incub8Africa Masterclass at the SA Innovation Summit provides a window into some of the game-changing strategies & tools leaders in the industry use to maximise the success of their business incubation and acceleration programmes. This 2hr mini Masterclass includes free access to Incub8Africa Score©, the first benchmarking tool for business incubators on the continent.

Join industry leaders, FETOLA for a masterclass on maximising the success of your business incubation or acceleration programme. Whether you are an incubator manager, owner, funder or stakeholder you do not want to miss this powerful and interactive session. Get free access to Incub8Africa, the first benchmarking tool for business incubators on the continent. Topics to be covered include: 

Laying the foundation – differentiating your incubator, positioning your programmes, finding & selecting the right candidates 

Unlocking potential – utilising personal mastery, mentoring and business skills training to unlock the potential of your participants 

Accelerating growth – access to markets, access to finance, partnerships, collaboration 

Building sustainability (of your incubator) – attracting investors, ROI, performance monitoring, KPIs  


Presented by Fetola’s CEO, Catherine Wijnberg.

Catherine Wijnberg is a visionary entrepreneur, respected by many. She did not get to where she is today by taking it easy and waiting for things to happen. She worked hard, lost a great deal, and recovered substantially from a hard to believe setback. Catherine runs Fetola, a successful Enterprise Development company in Cape Town which grows the economy and creates jobs by building businesses that last. She leads the team with inimitable passion. Her message is clear: anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard.


Places are limited. Only registered delegates can book a slot Book here!


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