Founders Conflict – Pre-empt, Prevent and Resolve Co-Founder Conflict

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People problems are the leading cause of failure in high-potential startups.”

Based on interactions with more than 300 startups across the globe, this uncensored, interactive learning experience will take a closer look at the most prominent friction points in the startup journey and how to deal with these constructively.

It will bring to the surface relationship, roles, responsibilities and reward problems and discuss ways to pre-empt, prevent or resolve these before they lead to the demise of the business.

What will you gain:

  • The value of true conversations to create room for more understanding and better agreements between co-founders.
  • How to develop a MOT test for your relationship.
  • Ways in which to bring your interests out into the open constructively and create room for joint solutions.
  • Which pitfalls and potential friction points to look out for during your start-up journey.
  • Understand that a preventative approach reduces conflict and friction in your start-up.
  • Insight into establishing a positive conflict culture in the interest of the business.

Who should attend:

  • Early stage founders who want to know more about potential friction points in the startup journey and how to prepare for these.
  • Founders who would like to establish a culture of trust and true communication in their teams.
  • Founders who find it difficult to communicate their real needs and interest with their co-founders.
  • Founders who are currently in conflict with their co-founder, Board or VC.
  • Accelerator and incubator management who would like to know more about team dynamics.
  • Venture Capitalists or shareholders who would like to know more about premediation.


“The difference between good relationships and bad ones isn’t the lack of fights, but learning how to fight productively. The same is true for startups”

Presented by Naëtt Atkinson, a mediator and facilitator who has worked in industries that include education, corporate and NGOs (in the capacity of COO and MD), she has years of experience dealing with transformative qualities and possibilities that lie at the heart of misunderstanding, miscommunication and conflict.

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