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Exploring SweepSouth’s Pivot in COVID-19 with Aisha Pandor

COVID 19 became a pivotal force for us all. Entrepreneurs need to pivot, create, change and survive and then thrive. The SA Innovation Summit decided to support this community by calling in on various founders to share their knowledge and real life experience in these times. We want to support entrepreneurs and those that support entrepreneurs as they hold so many people in the economy. That the entrepreneurs must survive and thrive is of utmost importance. Our expert entrepreneurs and founders will share practical tips and ideas on how to adapt in your business to succeed beyond the current challenges entrepreneurs face.”

Our third session was with founder Aisha R. Pandor, co-founder of SweepSouth. A rising star on the continent that provides an online platform for booking, paying for and managing home cleaning services. SweepSouth is the first company on the African continent to offer this service.

In the session Aisha shared the story how of SweepSouth. How she and her cofounder thought about the idea, how they went on a quest to search for investors and finally launching their business. SweepSouth is doing about 50 000 bookings a month across South Africa and recently they have launched in Nairobi and Kenya. They have helped over 20 000 women who were previously unemployed through the platform.

Watch Aisha Pandor’s Webinar here.

Herewith a few links that were mentioned in the session:

SMME support through the Department of Small Business Development: Click here for more info

Start-up Village Online-only conference (Free Registration): Click here for more info

Relief Fund by Standard Bank: Click here for more info

Should anyone have any ideas or input on certain topics/challenges that they think will be useful to include in the series , please email us :


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