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Another one of our participants in the 2017 Chivas Ventures Pitching Den, Vije Vijendranath speaks to us about their product Momsays.


 What is Momsays?

The product is called “Momsays” developed by us at You, Baby and I is a network of mothers in South Africa helping mothers with product recommendations that they need powered by data analytics and consumer behavior.

What impact will your product have?

Expectant moms and experienced moms now have the power of the network and recommendations of trust to buy the products they really need. This as a result influences the products that are sold to mothers throughout South Africa. The product can also influence consumer behavior that is changing how mothers are buying existing products and influencing future product developments. Essentially, if brands don’t engage with moms personally without data for their marketing, they won’t be able to sell effectively.

What has your participation in the Chivas Venture Pitching Den meant for your business your business?

We got the chance to network with investors and business partners that would benefit those working in the parenting industry.

What challenges were you faced with while building your product?

Mostly product development as it requires a lot of effort to build a product that fully networks with mothers that they can trust, including the data intelligence that companies require to improve their service offerings for mothers.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs or those looking to start their own business?

Team first! Before you realize you want to do something in business, first meet people that you can trust that understand your vision and want to work. Most of all meet people that compliment you. So if you’re a fantastic business person, get people that are operational or really good at coding to join you. A company with founders who can only code will fail.

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