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Lana Leas-Roy

Founder and CEO of Goats to Unicorns

Lana was a speaker at the SA Innovation Summit 2019 and her words of wisdom to us were, “Creativity is a skill not a gift.”. We decided to check in on her and this is what she had to say:

In my spare time – I am CEO of the Faith Mangope Technology  and Leadership Institute for women. FMTALI is not purely about teaching tech skills for 4IR. We are about building sustainable young women who remain in the profession and drive future growth on the African Continent.

Still the CEO and Founder of Goats2Unicorns, I have just returned from Mumbai where I spoke at the inaugural session of the World Innovation Congress and Women in Leadership Congress. My half hour keynote was so well received with a standing ovation and such unbelievable compliments. Happy to share with you.

I recently posted on https://web.facebook.com/Goats2Unicorns/?modal=admin_todo_tour ( 24th February)

Summary of my 2019 Topic :

  • Introduction to the top skills needed in the workplace according to the World Economic Forum: Future of Jobs Report.
  • Creativity sits in the top 3 skills.
  • What has happened to our Creativity : The NASA Experiment and Longitudinal Study.
  • Schools are breeding grounds for teaching non-creative behaviour and convergent thinking
  • Our work environment produces predictable behaviour and creatures of habit. Practical Example.
  • How do we start re-igniting our creativity muscle for innovation and to remain competitive in this VUCA environment.
  • An introduction to the DCOM Methodology. D – Divergent Thinking; C- Challenge Assumptions/Curiosity; O – Observation; M – Mashing Up and Conceptual Blending.
  • Several practical examples for each of the above concepts.

We’d like to thank Lana for sharing her news with us. Keep an eye on our blog for our What’s New! 2019 Speaker Series.


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