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FasterCapital, Bridging The Funding Divide

In an exciting new venture FasterCapital has partnered with the SA Innovation Summit to extend their support to start-ups in Africa. Togetherthe two companies will use their reach to expand the growth of entrepreneurship and startups 


The SA Innovation Summit (SAIS) is an organization focused on building tech entrepreneurs based in South Africa. SAIS with its focus on local business and international reach has the capacity to elevate entrepreneurs to new level. 

They support entrepreneurs through their 4 main pillars: 

  1. Connect 
  2. Originate 
  3. Capacitate 
  4. Showcase 


Additionally, SAIS hosts an annual Summit bringing together entrepreneurs, inventors, academia, corporates and policy makers to further showcase and amplify South African talent across Africa.

FasterCapital is a virtual incubator program based in the UAE operating since 2010. FasterCapital combines both a traditional incubator and a venture capital into one unique experience.  


They provide support to startups worldwide through their 3 main programs: 

1. Idea to product. 

Through their co-funder program they assist start-ups through the process of shaping their idea into a viable product by providing support and training. They help start-ups with everything from creating a business plan, raising capital to market research. 

2. Tech Co-founder/ Technical  Partner 

In their tech co-founder/technical partner program they provide start-ups with a team to help developing their product completely. By taking the technical co-founder role, they allow non-technical entrepreneurs to focus on the parts of their business that they enjoy. As Co-founders both FasterCapital and the entrepreneur invest 50% as equity partners. 

3. Grow your start-up. 

Through the grow your start-up program they assist businesses that are already established to grow to bigger heights. They provide services such as mentorship, product testing, raising capital and more.  

The collaboration between FasterCapital and SAIS is a great way to broaden African talent to a global market and will enable more growth and development in entrepreneurship. 

Welcome to the SAIS family FasterCapital!

Looking for a partner to help you grow? FasterCapital is ready to walk this journey with you.

For more information, contact:

Sally Yazji at Faster Capital: sally.yazji@fastercapital.com
SAIS Team: info@innovationsummit.co.za.


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