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A unicorn is a privately held startup business valued at above $1 Billion. Venture capitalist Aileen Lee originally coined the term unicorn in 2013. He chose the fictitious animal to represent the fact that start-up companies with private capital of over a billion dollars are so rare.

According to CB Insights research, there were 1,068 unicorn companies worldwide as of 30 March 2022. 519 of which were “born” in 2021 alone.

It takes more than a great idea to build a unicorn. It takes dedication, hard work, and often a bit of luck. But most importantly, it takes Product-Market Fit. More on this shortly.


Build your Innovation Narrative

Next up in the “Start loud with WHY” series – Queracia Jacobs shares her journey with SAIS.

Starting from being a student volunteer to currently playing a vital role in building the innovation narrative of the African entrepreneurship ecosystem as a Digital Marketer and Content Creator.

Passion comes from the heart, not the head.

Immediately after Queracia started volunteering at SAIS, she naturally connected herself with the mission of SAIS – shaping the Africa Rising Narrative through entrepreneurship. Dive into her story and discover how Queracia ties what she does every day at SAIS to her passion.