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Come Rethink the System with SAIS 2!

The Southern Africa Innovation Support Programme (SAIS 2) cordially invites you to attend our Annual Southern Africa Innovation Forum (ASAIF) event, which is running as part of this year’s SA Innovation Summit.

SAIS 2 is a regional programme that supports the growth of new businesses by strengthening innovation ecosystems and promoting cross-border collaboration between innovation role players in Southern Africa. The Annual Southern Africa Innovation Forum exists to encourage the transfer of knowledge and best practices to strengthen networks in the SADC Region.

This year, ASAIF’s theme is RE:innovation – Rethink the system. Our panels and workshop will investigate various aspects of the African startup ecosystem and various ways in which it can be strengthened.

Breaking Barriers: Female Technology Entrepreneurship in Southern Africa

This panel will take place as part of the SA Innovation Female Founder Takeover Day and will feature women playing various roles in the innovation ecosystem, and who were involved in the production of SAIS 2’s Breaking Barriers publication. They will be discussing the importance of female-driven entrepreneurship in the technology sector as well as the challenges faced by women tech entrepreneurs.

Building Resilience with Inclusive Innovation

How is the concept of inclusive business relevant today in the era of COVID-19? What is the role of Inclusive Innovation in building resilient communities? How can Strategic Foresight tools be utilized to help build resilience and pivot organisations for success? Our panel comprising speakers from the SAIS 2 Connected Hubs network will discuss these questions and the importance of Inclusive Innovation and Foresight when building resilience in a continuously changing socio-economic environment.

Making Inclusive Innovation a Mainstream Approach

As more entrepreneurs pioneer creative business ideas to deliver essential services and life-changing products to low-income communities, Inclusive Innovation is becoming an opportunity for organisations to combine social impact with profit models.

Hosted by leading Inclusive Innovation consultants Bopinc, this workshop will provide insight on what Inclusive Innovation is and what will influence its success, highlighting stories of inclusive innovators and their journeys. The workshop will also provide recommendations to organisations who are looking to train entrepreneurs on Inclusive Innovation.

Please click here for more information on the SAIS 2 Programme and ASAIF 2020.


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