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BOOSTUP Africa Pitch Battle

On the 2nd of October, the SA Innovation Summit #Virtual365 Edition plays host to the BOOSTUP Africa Pitch Battle – SA leg. BOOSTUP is a three-stage start-up support programme and competition, concentrating on the African ecosystem.

BOOST UP is a  programme by Connected Hubs for the Southern Africa Innovation Support Programme (SAIS 2) which strives to support early-stage start-ups using technology to solve societal challenges in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia by training entrepreneurs pitching and business skills that they can use to get their start-ups to the next level.

Along with the training, the best participants are invited to participate in pitch competitions to put their new skills to the test.

This year, South Africa’s BOOST UP AFRICA pitch competition finalists will all be pitching at #SAIS2020. Come watch these promising entrepreneurs pitch their start-ups and find out how their tech-enabled solutions could go on to make the world a better place.

The following start-ups will be pitching on the day:

At Zoomed Analytics we offer business performance management and analytics services and products. We create our own proudly South African tools to enable businesses to drive performance through data-supported decisions. We are building a tailored cloud-based Analytics-As-A-Service (AAAS) platform covering data analytics, data management, reporting, and visualization. We seek to help companies unlock their uncharted potential to drive their businesses the next level. 

Hydro-IT integrates IoT devices into pipe infrastructure to detect, control and communicate water leaks to its registered customer, reducing the National Water Loss Average from 39% to just 8%, saving over 5 billion liters of water and R10 billion annually.

Oplene Group is 100% owned by Mr Tieho Tsiane, which consist of two divisions, franchise and technology division. The company was established in 2018 and has the necessary skills and resources to meet its required objective.

Trezzeract is smart city startup with a mission is to bring clean, quality water to areas in need. Imagine using mobile and IoT tech enabled purification and distribution solution working in unison with communities to deliver clean water to households in need. Moreover, IoT communication modules will detect the status of and collect hydrological data related to the water supply and drainage system in urban and rural areas in real time.

Phoenix is a big data marketplace that allows all companies (Startups, SMMEs, companies and content creators an opportunity to monetise their data asset while allowing data buyers a more quick, cheap and affordable way to access data. 

94 Innovations is an innovations company in the ICT product space.

We seek to find solutions to societal ills through the research, development and management of innovative commercial products.

Langa Inventions is a company that produces innovative plastic products. The company has developed a dual – functionality lunchbox for children and adults that has solar charger and a bottle holder merged into one item allowing for use without the need for a support structure.

Nubian Smarts (PTY) LTD is a female black owned company that strives to improve the educational experience of all African children, by creating mobile applications that are dedicated towards making learning fun. 

The company is committed to creating educational solutions that will engage and inspire the African child. The first product offering is the Numaths Kids App which was created in consultation with Grade R and Grade 1 school teachers, this app provides access to 120 games developed to excite and entertain children, while assisting them with understanding the maths curriculum. 

SOG Water Solutions manufactures atmospheric water generation technology with the objective of creating Water Micro-Grids which is able to cover almost all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals using SD6 as the base. Between our two Co-Founders, we have >36 years of Manufacturing, Technology and Sustainability experience and therefore working on R&D projects to generate water to utility scale thereby competing with Municipal water rates.

Uku’hamba (Pty) Ltd produces light weight prosthetics to improve the conditions of amputees living with disabilities thus giving them back their independence.

 Uku’hamba (Pty) Ltd has identified the challenge faced by amputees. The demand for prostheses exceeds the supply a very large margin and the cost of prosthetic’s very high. Prosthetics are custom-made, water-resistant and low cost. Our core business is in the bio-technology and health care manufacturing.

Homepower is the wholly black owned electrical company that is seeks to provide specialized services to the utilities and the private sector. The company’s managing team has a combined technical and management experience of more than 6 years. The company mission is to always be innovative and render excellent services to exceed client’s expectations so that they can retain company’s services for as long as it is necessary.

MALII is a taxi tech platform that offers digital payments, public transport interoperability and data driven efficiency in a minibus taxi industry.

Seed to a Flower (PTY) LTD is a mode of transportation using the sun energy as fuel to travel around, as commuters, rural scholars, tourists and agribusiness. Solar transport is the future of travelling introducing, Serurubele the Solar Car “Se Hamba nge Langa”.

Mzansi Connect Technologies is a freelancer IT company that offers the following services: websites, website maintenance, emails, software installations, PC/ Computer supply, IT support and printing in bulk. 

Learn Base is an industrial energy efficiency company that leverages data and connected devices to build end user specific models that processes data which in turn allows them to reduce energy utilization and overall waste.


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