AYO Technology Solutions is a technology investment company with a focus on disruptive solutions that advance life, business and economics and a vision to create Africa’s own tech giant.  This year, AYO presents the first ever: Scaling Africa Series challenge to empower South Africa’s Technopreneurs.

In collaboration with the SA Innovation Summit, this series will identify and support South African digital and tech-based businesses, disrupting the ecosystem with novel ways to solve business and everyday needs of communities across Africa.

The AYO Scaling Africa Series will provide Series A funding seekers, with high growth strategies and a sustainable competitive advantage, a chance to build capacity and grow. It aims to provide exposure, access to new markets, funding opportunities, business support and opportunities to scale.

For more information on the AYO Scaling Africa Series Demo Day, please contact us: competitions@innovationsummit.co.za


The Top 5 entrants will be selected to pitch in the Virtual Demo Day on 28 July 2021.

In the upcoming 2021 Summit, these finalists will participate in a roundtable discussion and showcase their products and services in a virtual exhibition pavilion.


Business solutions belonging to one of the following tracks are encouraged (not exclusive): 


Bio- & Health-tech


Energy & Sustainability




A panel of expert judges will evaluate the Scaling Africa Series entries and select the Top 5 candidates as the finalists to compete in a virtual live pitch round. 

During the preliminary evaluation process, the pitches will be reviewed based on the information provided in the online entry form according to the following criteria: 

Series A / Growth Phase

Product/Service proposition to solve real customer needs

Scalable business model and quality execution strategy

Sustainable competitive advantage

Sound revenue and profit models
Turnover: R5m - R50m

Passionate & knowledgeable management team


Below are the General Terms & Conditions for the AYO Scaling Africa Series:
  • The SAIS, and its partner AYO TSL, reserve the right by its sole discretion not to accept entries should they have been made by illegitimate, suspicious, and/or unqualified participants. Additional documentation may be requested during the review process as proof of information provided in the application.
  • All entries are to be made through the online form. Entries received via email or other channels will not be accepted.
  • Only fully completed entry forms will be reviewed. Any entries with missing information will be automatically disqualified. 
  • Any entries that do not meet the criteria for the competition entered will be automatically disqualified. Entrants to ensure their business meets the competition requirements before completing the form.
  • Entrants to ensure concepts are protected – competitions are non-confidential. Concepts will be viewed by the public and therefore important to not divulge the know-how e.g. formula, code etc.
  • By entering the competition, you give the SAIS permission to use images, footage and other visuals collected during the live pitch on social media, website and other relevant platforms.
  • If an investment offer is made, due diligence will be undertaken and the potential investors have the right to request for documentation. Should the information provided in the entry form be a misrepresentation of the business, the investors can withdraw their offer.