Africa-India: Building a Start-up Bridge Workshop

Africa-India: Building a Start-Up Bridge Workshop While India is a leading “Start-up Nation”, African nations are gearing up to become the next frontier for emerging technologies. When considering scaling, entrepreneurs are often faced with the question of whether to scale their businesses into new surrounding markets or enter emerging international markets. This month in the […]


AYO Technology Solutions Partners with the SA Innovation Summit to Scale Africa AYO Technology Solutions (AYO), is a technology investment company with interests in disruptive technologies that advance life, business, and economics. The group’s diverse investment portfolio touches all aspects of technology from connectivity to communications and software development.    AYO, in partnership with the SA […]

Random Thoughts of an Entrepreneur

LET’S THINK ABOUT SCALING YOUR BUSINESS Dream big but act small to realise that dream. How do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite. How do you move a mountain? Shovel by shovel. These are simple truths that play out in every entrepreneur’s everyday life. But is there a way that you can build an […]

The Perfect Pitch – Pitch Night

THE PERFECT PITCH – PITCH NIGHT A great pitch is a chance for entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses by illustrating the value and returns they can bring to investors while also showing the potential customer how their product or service can positively impact their lives. TechTribe Community is a platform for entrepreneurs to thrive, and […]

Perfecting the Sales Pitch

PERFECTING THE SALES PITCH Often entrepreneurs believe that you need funding to start your business. When in fact you probably need sales. Sales is very important as an entrepreneur; without it you do not have a business. Somewhere in our society, selling and being a salesman got a bad reputation. We are here to remind […]

Preparing the Perfect Pitch

PREPARING THE PERFECT PITCH Pitching is one of the most powerful and fundamental tools an entrepreneur can have. In fact, it is core to everyone’s work and life. However, for entrepreneurs, it enables them to present their business case in a clear and concise manner, and help the audience make an informed decision as to […]

Let’s Become Investment Ready

LET’S BECOME INVESTMENT READY To kick start the year, the TechTribe Community hosted a webinar on investment readiness with Abu Cassim (Founder, Jozi Angels) and Audrey Verhaeghe (Chairperson, SA Innovation Summit). They got right down to the basics defining investment readiness and how entrepreneurs prepare themselves and their businesses for funding. Here, we share some […]

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Swiss – South African Venture Leaders Programme

SWISS – SOUTH AFRICAN VENTURE LEADERS PROGRAMME The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) in partnership with the University of Basel (Switzerland) invites innovators, entrepreneurs and SMME’s to submit a proposal to assist witH business growth and or expand an existing enterprise. Building sustainable future businesses – Today!! The Swiss – SA Venture Leaders Programme hosted by […]

Founder-Driven Series 2020: Episode 3

Exploring SweepSouth’s Pivot in COVID-19 with Aisha Pandor COVID 19 became a pivotal force for us all. Entrepreneurs need to pivot, create, change and survive and then thrive. The SA Innovation Summit decided to support this community by calling in on various founders to share their knowledge and real life experience in these times. We […]

Start-Up Concept Guide: Part 3

Part 2 of the Start-Up Concept Guide covered the Growth Potential & Industrial Experience of start-ups. The concepts explained included intellectual property, business forecasting and turnover. In the third edition of this Start-Up Concept Guide, we explore the Market Dynamics of a start-up. The information provided below wil help you understand how to determine the […]