Series: Start LOUD With Why

Next up in the “Start loud with WHY” series – Tarisiro Matiza, a project manager at SAIS, shares her story – with a medical science background, her dedication to helping and growing African entrepreneurs, and how she connects her passion with why she does what she does…

Being intrigued by the world of entrepreneurship, she first started her journey at SAIS as an intern. Seeing African entrepreneurs grow, scale, and develop through the various programmes within SAIS, she was inspired by and resonated with the African entrepreneurial mindset that is driving the development and innovation on the continent.

Join us as we discover Tarisiro’s values, passions, and strengths that all connect to supporting and creating the African entrepreneurship narrative.

Remember to keep following us through this series as we unpack our WHY’s and also discover WHY’s from our community members that we hope you will be able to relate to and learn things about your WHY.


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