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Patent Attorney: Von Seidels

Erik van der Vyver

New Industries SBU: Industrial Development Corporation

Irfaan Khota

COO: Anza Capital

Kanina Foss

Company Builder: GreenTec Capital

Maxime Bayen


Lance Witten

Chief Content Officer - African News Agency: Syndication


Lance Witten is the Chief Content Officer for African News Agency: Syndication. He has been in the media industry for 20 years and has held several senior positions in radio, television, print, and digital media. He also serves on the media and journalism advisory boards of UWC and CPUT.



The centre stage of the SA Innovation Summit: a competition providing start-ups and early stage companies in all tech-enabled sectors from around the world to compete for investment, showcase their products and services, gain market and media exposure, and secure support in the stages of scaling and growth.

The Africa Cup aims to promote and develop the entrepreneurial creativity of start-ups who are disrupting the traditional ways of doing business. This is an opportunity for all early start-ups with a high growth potential, scalability and expansion plans, to showcase their technologies while obtaining access to funding, new markets and PR exposure.

If you only have an idea or you not commercialised yet, please enter the Inventors Garage Competition.

Entries for the 2020 Africa Cup are now closed. For more information, please contact us:



This year the Africa Cup will be global centre stage of the SA Innovation Summit. Early stage, high-growth potential start-ups will have the opportunity to showcase their disruptive technologies to the world. Finalists will pitch and compete for potential funders and business supporters from anywhere in the world, and gain market exposure.


Business solutions belonging to one of the following tracks are encouraged (not exclusive): 

Social Entrepreneurship


Bio & Health

Life Sciences, Pharma, Health, Biotech, Medtech, e-Health

Informative Tech

Digital, High Tech, Fintech, Robotics & IoT, Edutech & Entertainment, B2C and B2B solutions, Big data enabling Solutions, Smart Factory and Industry 4.0

Global Impact

Cleantech (Energy, Air, Water), Design Environment, Social Impact, Transport & Mobility, Smart Cities, Materials & processes


A panel of expert judges will evaluate the Africa Cup entries and select 50 entries from the initial pool. This Top 50 will be further reviewed and select finalists to compete in the final virtual live pitch round.

During the preliminary evaluation process, the pitches will be reviewed based on the information provided in the online entry f according to the following criteria: 

Business model and execution strategy quality

Market attractiveness and ability to provide solution to the identified need

Business proposition and innovation level (technology , product and/or services).

Sound revenue and profit models

Strategic competitive positioning

Strong management team


  • Please take your time to carefully submit your pitch as this application will be the first level of evaluation.
  • You can enter as an individual, group or a company.
  • The Intellectual Property should belong to you or your company and you should be able to supply proof of ownership on request.
  • This competition closes on 19 July 2020.
  • You can pitch more than once for different products.
  • Only entries received online using the online submission form will be accepted.
  • The SA Innovation Summit reserves the right, by its sole discretion, not to accept entries or to disqualify entries at any stage should it transpire that such entries have been made by illegitimate, suspicious, and/or unqualified participants.
  • Winners will be chosen by a qualified appointed judging panel. Judges for round one and round two will differ. The judging panel’s decision is final.
  • Where applicable: The Africa Cup is a non-confidential competition and the full responsibility lies with entrants themselves to protect their concepts through any means. Your concepts will be viewed in public and by many different audiences in order for you to make connections. It is therefore important to be compelling about what you do and how you will be sustainable without divulging your know-how in terms of recipes, formulas, code, knowledge or other means. 
  • By entering the competition, you give the SA Innovation Summit permission to use images, footage and other visuals collected during the pitch on social media, the Summit website and any other platform relevant to the SA Innovation Summit.
  • For any competition inquiries, please email us at 
  • All participants will be informed of the outcome of the results after the judging process has been completed after the closing date. 
  • A complimentary delegate ticket will be issued to all finalists.