AFGRI Technology Services – Summit 2018 Official Agritech Partner

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AgriTech partner - Afgri Technology ServicesAFGRI Technology Services, ATS, was born of the desire to advance the development and implementation of agricultural technology solutions – solutions they believe will help ensure both the future of agriculture and enable food security, not just for Africa, but for the whole world too.

ATS, part of AFGRI Group Holdings, has committed to pioneer the conversation and sponsor the AgriTech vertical at the SA Innovation Summit. ATS believes that enabling a platform for South African entrepreneurs, investors and innovators to connect with the broader innovation AgTech ecosystem will have a positive impact on South Africa as a whole.

“Building the ecosystem will not only benefit our customers and business, but the industry as a whole. If you enable farming, you enable Africa.” 

Agriculture related technology can drastically change the sector as we know it – We want to build a connected, globally competitive, efficient, inclusive agriculture sector through introducing technology and innovative solutions.

AgTech goes beyond on-farm technology, robotics, IOT and sensing – it’s about looking at the sector holistically and bringing together pieces of the puzzle to solve the challenges of;

financial inclusion, water scarcity, connectivity, food security, increased population growth, the increasing demand for farmers to increase productivity and outputs to meet ever-growing consumption patterns, climate change, enabling smaller farmers access to markets and enabling conditions such as infrastructure.

We need to think broader, we need to rethink the ordinary. The word is moving faster than we could’ve imagined, there has been no better time to talk about the future of food, agriculture and technology as a single topic – AgTech.”

We are looking for the brightest minds, those with real solutions for agriculture’s grand challenges, those who are working towards a brighter future – We are looking to meet and connect with start-ups, entrepreneurs and organisations wanting to partner in this space. Join us at the SA Innovation Summit in September 2018.


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