Activate!: A space for social innovation

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Activate! is a network of young leaders with the capacity to drive change for the public good across South Africa. The mission of A! is to build capacities of young people to become leaders who are innovative, and who inspire innovations among their peers and in broader society. Within Activate exists two unique spaces of social innovation which, by design, interlinks and interconnects Activators to each other, and to the project of national social transformation.

The Activate Network

The Network is a collaborative and youth-led space where members pool resources, reach and impact. 89% of the Network support each other’s initiatives in conscious and critical engagements cross the economic, political and social spectrums. The innovation of the Activate Network is to lead and drive change through catalysing connection points.

The Activate Youth Training Model

The Activate Youth Training model are concentrated and intensive leadership offerings which allow for personal development and an understanding of the political, economic and social context of the South African, African and global environment. Three core training offering include an SAQA accredited 1-year programme in Community Development, the Activate Change Drivers immersion model, and the  SWITCH Social Entrepreneurship Programme.

The Activate model of youth leadership development is an innovative departure from the traditional model of youth development. The organisation does not set the agenda for programmes, narratives, themes or actions. These are informed exclusively by the Network. The organisation facilitates the fertile ground for members of the Network to engage each other, and the challenges associated with bringing about social change.

In this month’s #SISFlashback2017, we look at social innovator Mattieu Theron’s profile about his organisation, Plant the Seed Education.


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