Breaking Barriers and Shaping the Future: Women Making Waves in the Tech Industry


The technology industry has long been dominated by men, but a new wave of female leaders is breaking barriers, challenging norms, and reshaping the future. With their vision, expertise, and determination, women in tech are revolutionizing the industry and driving innovation at an unprecedented pace.

In this article, we will explore the inspiring journeys of three remarkable women who have made waves in the tech industry. Through their stories, we’ll discover how they are making a positive impact, empowering others, and transforming the landscape of technology.


“You can change lives as a woman in tech” – Krista

Krista Davidson Injini, Executive Director of Injini, is an advocate for social change through technology. Born out of her passion for serving underprivileged communities in Africa, Krista’s career has been dedicated to driving positive impact through socially driven businesses. With a background in global public health, Krista brings a unique perspective to the tech industry, focusing on creating solutions that address the pressing challenges faced by children in under-resourced government schools.

As a co-founder of multiple financial inclusion startups, Krista has impacted 10,000-plus beneficiaries through financial education. At Injini, a pan-African EdTech business incubator, she took the role of Executive Director in 2022 and spearheaded the transition from incubation to acceleration. Krista’s commitment to localized industry research and advisory services is evident in the Injini Think Tank, which she founded to drive innovation and address specific regional needs.

Krista’s philosophy, beautifully captured by Alphonse Karr’s quote “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses”, resonates with her determination to transform challenges into opportunities. By embracing the potential of technology, Krista showcases how women can change lives and create lasting social impact in the tech industry.



“Women in tech are visionaries.” – Audrey Verhaeghe

Audrey Verhaeghe, CEO of Anza Capital, is a visionary leader focused on innovation, tech start-up investment, and entrepreneurship. With a track record of co-founding organizations such as the Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (RIIS) and the SA Innovation Summit (SAIS), Audrey has proven her ability to drive change and foster an environment conducive to technological advancement.

Audrey’s vision stretches beyond her immediate endeavours. Through ANZA Capital, she aims to raise multiple rounds of funds to support 10,000 enterprises across Africa in the next decade. As an active angel investor, she believes in the power of women in tech to drive economic growth, create employment opportunities, and pave the way for sustainable development.

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, Audrey encourages women to embrace their visionary spirit, challenge the status quo, and disrupt industries. By fostering an inclusive environment that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation, Audrey exemplifies how women can shape the future of technology.


“As women, we can educate, equip and empower” – Melissa Slaymaker

Melissa Slaymaker, Director of Women in Tech Global, is dedicated to empowering women and promoting diversity in the technology industry. With a passion for technology and connecting people, Melissa plays a vital role in helping global businesses hire diverse talent through the Women-in-Tech™ Global movement.

Driven by a mission to educate, equip, and empower 5 million women and girls in STEAM by 2030, Melissa understands the transformative power of technology in promoting digital inclusion. Women in Tech Global, a registered non-profit organization, collaborates with partners across 45 countries to achieve this ambitious goal.

Melissa’s work, supported by the Edison Alliance (World Economic Forum), focuses on four pillars of action: Advocacy, Education, Business, and Social Inclusion. By championing these pillars, Melissa is fostering an environment where women can thrive, breaking down barriers, and creating a tech industry that is more representative and inclusive.



The tech industry is experiencing a seismic shift, propelled by the dynamic contributions of women who are making waves and challenging the status quo. Through the stories of Krista Davidson Injini, Audrey Verhaeghe, and Melissa Slaymaker, we have glimpsed into the world of inspiring female leaders who are transforming the tech landscape.

From driving social impact and championing innovation to promoting diversity and empowering millions, these women showcase the limitless potential of women in tech. By sharing their journeys, we hope to inspire and empower a new generation of female leaders to embrace technology, break barriers, and shape a future that is inclusive, innovative, and equitable.

The time has come to recognize and celebrate the incredible achievements of women in the tech industry. Let us join forces, uplift each other, and create a tech industry that reflects the diversity, vision, and potential of all its stakeholders.




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