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Attention Innovators, Experts, and Enthusiasts!

Welcome to the world of limitless possibilities at SAIS'23! Our side events offered you a canvas to curate an experience like no other. From captivating workshops that spark creativity, to engaging seminars that ignite discussions, and even unforgettable parties that celebrate connections, we covered it all!


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21-22 September
Audacious Angels Summit
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Tuesday, 26 September
SAIS’23 Day 0
  • CONfluence40
  • Art of Pitching Workshop
  • Von Seidels Networking Cocktail
  • Pre-Summit Meetup



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Wednesday, 27 September SAIS’23 Day 1
  • Founders Den
  • LP/GP Connect
  • AAA Angel Event
  • UVU Africa Streaming Party
  • Night Summit
  • Impulse Biomed Event
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Thursday, 28 September SAIS’23 Day 2
  • Innovate UK Energy Event
  • UVU Africa Streaming Party
  • AgriFinTech Connect
  • Female Founders Breakfast
  • SAIS Awards and Afterparty
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Friday, 29 September SAIS’23 Founders Day
  • UVU Africa Khayelitsha Tour
  • Founders Happy Hour
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21-22 september 2023

Audacious Angels Summit

The annual Audacious Angels Summit brings together aspiring and experienced angel investors from around the world to demystify angel investing and supercharge the next generation of diverse angel investors. Use the promo code: SAIS+AA

26 September 2023


Bringing together 40 South African leaders and change-makers who contribute to shaping the world that we live in. Thinkers and doers who chart the innovative actions that drive change, while keeping their gaze fixed on the horizon of possibilities.

Art of pitching

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This hands-on, in-person workshop offers the perfect chance for them to refine their pitches in preparation for meetings with potential partners, investors, and other important players in the ecosystem. If you're not pitching at the Summit but still want to join the course, worry not! Apply today to be a part of this exciting programme.

Cocktail & Connect

Join us as we kick off SAIS'23 Innovation Week with a vibrant evening that sets the stage for meaningful interactions, fostering collaboration and innovation. This exclusive event brings together the official partners, sponsors, and speakers of SAIS'23 for an evening of mingling and networking.

Pre-Summit Meetup

The evening before the summit's official commencement, we invite all participants to gather to unwind, connect, and forge valuable connections. As you prepare to dive into a wealth of knowledge and insights during the Summit, this meetup offers the perfect chance to engage with fellow attendees in a relaxed atmosphere.

No need to register, you can just show up and have a good time!

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27 September 2023

Founders Den

A Cocktail event for tech founders, investors, and corporate innovators. An exchange of knowledge, experience, and inspiration.

VC-LP Connect

Grindstone Ventures & Anza Capital are organizing a carefully curated experience that aims to provide LPs with a firsthand understanding of the significant impact of investing in early-stage startups. The event spans four unforgettable days, filled with a blend of exciting activities, immersive experiences, and indulgence in fine wine and exquisite cuisine. Amidst these moments of enjoyment, in-depth discussions will take place, fostering lasting connections among the participants from different corners of the world.


After an action-packed first day, the networking doesn't end there. Join us as we continue the momentum and create lasting connections under the starlit sky. SAIS@NIGHT is the perfect opportunity to unwind, exchange ideas, and deepen the connections you've made during the daytime sessions. Embrace the electric atmosphere and revel in the company of like-minded innovators and thought leaders.

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Level Up showcase

Join us for an exclusive glimpse into the innovative world of Tsiba Academy. Get ready to be inspired by their groundbreaking ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and the future they are shaping!

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28 September 2023

AgriFinTech Connect: Navigating Climate Solutions

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Join us for an exciting event that dives deep into the intersection of AgriTech and FinTech, focusing on innovative solutions to address the pressing challenges posed by climate change in South Africa. Hosted at the vibrant Toco HQ, this event is a side event to the SA Innovation Summit and is brought to you in collaboration with Stellenbosch Network and Toco. Join us in conversation with Prof Guy Midgley (Head of Stellenbosch University School of Climate Studies, Mike Brand (Head Merchant & Product Adoption: Toco) and Angus McIntosh (Farmer Angus).

Energy Exchange: UK–South Africa Energy Symposium

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Welcome to the 23/24 FY Connected Innovation Symposium: Advancing Energy Solutions in South Africa! Join us in forging Innovation Networks to facilitate collaborative research, innovation, and funding solutions in the pivotal energy sector. Explore partnership opportunities and align strategies for a sustainable, clean energy future.

SAIS’23: Awards and Afterparty

Join us for a celebration of the brightest minds and groundbreaking innovations in the industry. The SAIS’23 Awards will showcase the outstanding achievements of individuals and organizations that have made a significant impact on the summit's theme. After the awards ceremony, let loose and revel in the festivities. Continue the spirit of networking and camaraderie in an electric atmosphere.

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SA Startup policy: coffee chat

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Join us for the SA Startup Act Policy Breakfast to explore policy solutions for boosting South Africa's startup ecosystem. Discover how we can support high-growth tech startups, promote economic growth, and create jobs through policy reform. Join the movement for entrepreneurial policy change!

29 September 2023

Khayelitsha Bandwidth Barn Tour

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Welcome to the Khayelitsha Barn: Where Innovation and Community Thrive! Embark on a journey of inspiration as we introduce you to the heart of innovation in Khayelitsha. Witness firsthand the brilliance of local entrepreneurs as they present their ventures, products, and services that are reshaping the landscape of Township Tech.

Founders happy hour

Calling all trailblazing entrepreneurs! Join us for a Founders Happy Hour, the perfect way to unwind and connect after an inspiring Founders Day at SAIS2023. Let's raise a glass to celebrate our entrepreneurial spirit, share stories, and forge valuable connections. This exclusive gathering is a prime opportunity to network with like-minded visionaries and discuss potential collaborations

No need to register, you can just show up and have a good time!




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