SAIS2 Project Showcase Pavilion

The Innovation Hub Pavilion

SAIS2 Project Showcase Pavilion


Smart Lab helps start-up founders scale and connect with corporate partners. Smart Lab is an innovation hub that exists to grow the African Innovation ecosystem by empowering youth, corporates, and start-ups to develop ground-breaking solutions.

These Hands

These Hands GSSE is a global for-profit social enterprise start-up based in Botswana, which trains and supports rural community innovators/entrepreneurs in developing countries. As an enabler for international development work, they have also developed a social media platform that is dedicated to international development and co-creative design work and does not require internet to use (USSD Based).

African Forestry

AF is a non-profit and non-governmental Organization deriving its functions and operations from the will of the members/stakeholders, and endeavours to fulfil its objectives as per the constitution and work plan. It was founded in 2016 and registered as an NGO operating in Tanzania uniting all business firms regardless of their operational size. The objective is to promote and advance the best forestry industrial practices as well as addressing sustainable forest resources management challenges through undertaking regular dialogues and consultations with the government authorities at national and sub-national levels. The organization prides itself on the ability to deliver outstanding results for its members starts with its team of smart, capable experts. The team comes from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds. As unique as we are individuals, we share a mutual passion for forestry and doing excellent work for our partners.

Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST)

This booth demonstrates the low-cost water filter invented in Tanzania (Nanofilter). The filter removes biological, physical, and chemical contaminants –eg. excess Fluoride. It is sold at various sizes to households and institutions –price range from $250 – 1,000. But also it can be installed in a small kiosk where a local entrepreneur is hired to operate it. This has created more than 200 employments in Tanzania and Zambia and impact to about 350,000 people who are getting clean and safe water.

Dream Factory Foundation

A consortium led by Dream Factory Foundation which empowers youth and majority women, the Dodigi project seeks to enable and empower 60 entrepreneurs in low income communities to increase sales in their businesses through the use of e-commerce, specifically chatbot powered sales channels over Whatsapp (i.e, social commerce)

and aims to mitigate losses and closures of business due to curfews, lockdowns and restrictions in communities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. DoDigi offers our SMMEs a unique and innovative learning experience that uses both virtual and authentic learning environments that combine a subject of academic study (resilience-building) with its real-world surroundings and activities (trading through the Meeticks platform) to improve our beneficiaries’ academic, business and economic outcomes. Through the recognition of the current digital age

our beneficiaries are trained in digital technologies so that they can use the Meeticks platform as well as other digital platforms effectively, bridging the gap between those with access to technology and those without. Our beneficiaries, who are at least 60% women, are able to market their businesses, connect with potential customers and suppliers thereby increasing their opportunities of making sales and thereby increasing their income and business’s ability to continue operating.

African Angel Academy

The African Angel Academy is an African-led initiative that aims to train and support new or current angel investors through a self-paced online course or sponsored cohort programmes with top partners.Our mission is to grow the number of active angel investors on the continent, to catalyse and grow our local early-stage investing and start-up ecosystems. The Academy (AAA) was established in early 2020, as a pilot project developed by Viridian and Viktoria Ventures, with the endorsement of the African Business Angel Network (ABAN) and with seed funding from the Southern African Innovation Support (SAIS) Programme. The programme features experienced angel investors from across the African continent, and they share their first-hand experience on sourcing, making, managing and exiting investments in Africa. These experts are featured in the online course’s video modules, and in live masterclasses as part of the cohort programmes.

The Resilience Project

The Resilience Project is an initiative aimed at empowering local entrepreneurs to run resilient businesses in unexpected times of uncertainties such as during Pandemics of COVID-19 is implemented through the University of Botswana’s University-Industry-Government Co-Creation Platform in partnership with Demola (Finland) and funded by the Southern Africa Innovation Support Programme(SAIS). The project objectives are to: a. To inculcate an innovative approach and proactive culture of solving problems during adversity. b. To develop rapid proof of concepts (POC) together with SMMEs and demonstrate resilience of working online solutions. c. To work with SMMEs ecosystem (including start-ups) to validate technology enabled service that improves recovery during unforeseen circumstances. d. Conduct knowledge sharing seminars on creating business value through mega trends future foresight. e. Promote global collaboration and diversity in working teams f. Train participating organisations on the process of adapting well in the face of adversity


NBII is an Namibia’s University of Science and Technology (NUST) institute that aims to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Country.

The Innovation Hub Pavilion

Hafro Natural

Programme Name: BioPark

Hafro began in 2016 in a kitchen in Pretoria, South Africa, and chronicles the creative journey of founder, Dr. Hajo Morallane. It started with experimentation of African plant seed oils to create natural, safe to use and quality products to help nourish her gradually receding hairline and uneven skin tone. Determined to find practical solutions to these problems, Dr. Morallane conducted extensive research on the nature of natural hair, especially amongst African women. The result of this research is Hafro: a high quality product for a discerning woman who takes pride in her natural beauty.


Programme Name: BioPark

PRIJAP BIOLIFE BIOTECHNOLOGIES is a manufacturer of herbal medicine called PRIJAP HEALTH.The purpose of the business is to deliver this product to people who want to maintain or improve their quality of life. This product acts as an alternative medication to western medicine for people who is health-conscious or whose immune system is compromised.

Prijap Health is a fast acting, highly effective natural product that provide comprehensive health benefits which includes the following:

  • Immune boosting: building the immune system by stimulating and providing the necessary building blocks required to boost the immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory: helping to alleviate inflammation in the muscles and body organs like lungs, thus helping in the fight against congested chests, chests pains and associated illnesses
  • Antioxidant/Detoxifying: helps to remove toxins from the body, which is highly essential to fight and prevent lifestyle diseases
  • Appetite enhancer: helps to increase appetite hence ensuring intake of necessary nutrients for the body to recover from illnesses and to fight-off infections
  • Energy booster: enhances overall body efficiency and energy.
  • Anti-viral activities (anecdotal evidence)

Lefakong Farming

Programme Name: BioPark

At Lefakong Farming, we focus on processing and producing the best quality of value-added products from our organic Moringa leaves.


Programme Name: Climate Innovation Centre South Africa (CICSA)

Leafline manufactures washable Sanitary wear from a natural fibre taken from the Leaf of the Cayenne Pineapple. All the inners of the products contain the natural fibre which is absorbent. Our company manufactures adult and children washable diapers as well as Sanitary towels and chair protectors.


Programme Name: Climate Innovation Centre South Africa (CICSA)

At Zambezi Analytics, we sell predictions. We harness the power of Artificial Intelligence, particularly Deep Learning, to convert business and societal problems into predictions.

Ownedby Technologies

Programme Name: Maxum

An interactive asset management and telematics solution that integrates software and hardware, for household, office and portable appliances and devices, giving these valuables traceable unique identity and online searchable online presence, that is linked to and controlled by owners.

PHOLA: Izinto Zemoto

Programme Name: eKasilabs

The PHOLA auto-table is a versatile, foldable vehicle accessory that needs to, firstly, be hooked onto a stationary vehicle then, be opened to be used by the motorist/user(s), OUTDOORS in camping, picnics, Movie-parks, Township weddings/unveilings/funerals, Quick-Service-Restaurants’ parking lots, safari tourism places, 2-5 days music festivals/church conferences and other outdoor events. The PAT has about 12 different features/benefits that include: Opens/closes like an executive chair to save storage space

a handle that turns into a garden umbrella holder. Can be used as an OUTDOOR advertising and branding medium. Can be personalized. Some PATs will be digitalized for both private entities and governments institutions like the Dept of Transport. Hahn & Hahn are the patent attorneys.


Programme Name: Maxum

Thatha was founded in 2018 by Computer Scientist Lesley Ncube with a goal to create innovative software and computer hardware that interconnect with each other. Our mission is to become a global leader in providing technological services and products, since our incorporation we have preserved our culture of providing quality and value to our customers.


Our vision is to build economically self-sustainable communities by making innovative tech affordable and accessible to township and rural based businesses and in doing so help them to techify and digify their business. Shopapolitan is an end-to-end e-commerce marketplace that gives township and rural based businesses everything they need to operate a profitable e-commerce business. We aim to bridge the digital divide by leveraging our platforms to digitize township and rural economies.

Green Share Virtual Power Plant

Programme Name: eKasilabs

Green share provides Independent Power Producers, Distributed Energy Resources, Utilities and Capital Partners the ability to autonomously monetize battery assets. A real-time trading and control platform that provides value-based asset management and portfolio optimization.

Buzzapp Mobile

Programme Name: eKasilabs

Buzzapp mobile is an app that connects entrepreneurs to their potential customers. From shisanyamas, to massages, to beauty treatments, to male grooming, we are your one-stop platform for every customer’s needs.

Our main aim is to give small businesses big opportunities while bringing every customer the ultimate experience. This is our promise.


Programme Name: eKasilabs

Afrinnovix is a tech innovations company that has developed an attachable power bank for smartphones. The power bank is made from recycled plastic bags.

Thuto Pele Centre

Programme Name: eKasilabs

Thuto Pele Centre is a powerful answer to the current crisis that our educational system is facing. Our Project is predominately made up of university post-graduate and undergraduate students who are committed to make a difference. We aim to make additional support and learning accessible to learners and students through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Thuto Pele Centre is a unique program that use ICT to improve youth academic achievements, and also aiming at nurturing their self- esteem. TPC it is also concerned with their growth intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and creative potential. Our services are both online (access learning content and activities) and physical based (were by youth attend physical training).The centre’s services comprises of coding & Robotics courses, Computer literacy skills, 4IR skills, Entrepreneurial Skills,Career advice & varsity Application, Motivation and Extra classes in a number of subjects such as Mathematics, Sciences, Accounting, English and other subjects.

BNAqua Solutions

Programme Name: Climate Innovation Centre South Africa (CICSA)

BN Aqua Solutions is a company that focuses on Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) treatment to potable stage, it is safe for human consumption. On this project, we use a waste metallurgical slag which is cheaper to treat the contaminated water to drinking stage and it is locally available, we have built a prototype in 2016 which is based at the Council For Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). This project incepted in 2014 at the University of Johannesburg under laboratory conditions and the Intellectual Property of the project is exclusively owned and supported by the University and licensed to me as the inventor. I have been working in the mining industry for over 13 years as a Metallurgist and have noticed with great concern, the non-compliance of the mines regarding this scarce resource (water) that our continent desperately needs. I can safely say, we have found a cheaper solution for this contaminated acidic water for the gold and coal mines. Our objective is to increase South Africa’s water capacity for drinking, irrigation and agricultural purposes in order to increase our country’s food security. We will sell the treated water to the mines at a competitive price while reducing their drinking water costs as they are the largest water consumers.


Programme Name: BioPark

We at TrueEarth™, care about the dietary and nutritional needs of people living with food intolerance. Our primary objective is to design, produce, market, distribute and sell “free-from” food products.


TcF IcT is a small Information Technology firm that creates and maintains websites, mobile apps and business intelligence. Currently, we have in-House Developed apps (Cava app, Medrem app, Print Pic app, Kasihookup app). TcF has a number of freelancer developers who cater for every developing language and we just included Qlik development (business intelligence) in our services. at the summit, we will demo all our in-house developed apps because we need investors. and we offer IT services to any business that wants to do business with us. we have created an application for Mthombowolwazi a waste recycling business and we have created an app for Dial a Student. Note our Website is down due to maintenance.


Olova is your public transport companion.