…. ignite a Passion for Innovation

The vibrant Youth Day programme inside the Innovation Summit creates a platform for large groups of leaners to attend workshops on innovation and creativity. These are realised through our partnerships with specialists who know exactly how to connect with youth and include LEGO Robotics, Solar Kit construction, Science Exhibits, Design Thinking and Mathematics.

The objective of the Youth Day is to ignite a passion for innovation and inspire young South Africans to come up with their best ideas to make South Africa a better place. For this day, the Summit is transformed into a playful space, where the youth take centre stage with interactive sessions, creative refreshments and extreme fun! Skills taught include communication, design thinking, entrepreneurship, out-the-box thinking and much more.

This year we are also launching a Junior Inventor’s Garage as part of the Youth Day.  This online completion allows finalists to exhibit their invention, prototype or design at the Market on the Edge and be exposed to Match making and potential funding or incubation. The programme is being designed to ensure a full fun-filled day and inspirational learning fest.

The following events have already been confirmed for the Youth Day programme:

Lego Robotics Workshop
Solar Power Building Workshop

More details about these events and more, will be added to the Youth page in the next few weeks.

Contact us for more information or if you are interested in becoming involved in the Youth Day programme.