Wall of Fame for Technology Enabled Business

The SA Innovation Summit is introducing the Wall of Fame for Technology Enabled Businesses in the Western Cape. The Wall of Fame aims to develop, through business community involvement, an aspirational culture for becoming technology entrepreneurs. The Wall of Fame will start as a virtual wall and migrate to a physical wall that will honour entrepreneurs who started their businesses after 2000 in the Western Cape, created a significant number of new jobs and showed significant impact on the economy. The stories of these “entrepreheroes” will be made available through a story telling process to make the journey to success real for everyone.

This initiative forms part of the SA Innovation Summit’s High Impact Series that consisted of a Jam -packed inspirational day session focused on “Creating a City of Opportunity for All” at Workshop 17 as well as a 24-hour Hackathon held at the Lookout Centre in Khayelitsha, Cape Town earlier in 2016.

The development of a rich ecosystem for Angel Investors is a crucial step to develop an enabling culture for entrepreneurship that goes hand-in-hand with an aspirational culture for becoming a successful entrepreneur. The Wall of fame will provide exposure to entrepreneurs and their stories of hard work, risk, failure and success. Enterprises should be the greatest job creators in South Africa, but we need to keep on enabling the ecosystem before we will reap the benefits as a region.


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