Business Matching

The Match and Invest platform was introduced at the SA Summit in2016 and   aimed to accelerate, by connecting SA businesses and entrepreneurs with funders, corporates, academia, new and foreign markets, and others. This was realised with 694 meeting scheduled and 78% of these, being actioned, during the course of two days. This platform was very popular this year and delegates and partners alike, were impressed by it.


Match – Meet – Succeed – Business Matching @ Work!

SA Summit 2016 introduced eight novel solutions from Finnish entrepreneurs for a Changing and Complicated World

In a rapidly changing world, enterprising leaders will propose new ways to look over the edge. From contextualizing learning opportunities on mobile, through building massive portable digital libraries, to upgrading microbiology labs in developing countries to fight antibiotic resistance known as ‘the silent tsunami’, this showcase is unique in that it came from the only country team at the SA Innovation Summit, namely Finland. The session highlighted how Finland has managed to build an enabling ecosystem where multiculturalism and multi-disciplinarity thrive alongside research and entrepreneurship, and where cooperation and teamwork are rules of the competitive game. The interactive stream included quick pitches from the entrepreneurs, a panel that dissected the innovations in the North and an open café for the audience to have one-to-one chats with the innovators.

The session was hosted by the Finnish University Partnership for International Development (UniPID). Through international partnerships, UniPID links Finnish universities to European and global policy debates and development networks. The network works to strengthen institutional partnerships between scholars and institutions in Finland and in the South.

The following entrepreneurs at the Summit were part of a FinCEAL delegation.  FinCEAL aimed to strengthen cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation between Finland, Europe, Africa, LAC and Asia.

Jan Erik Nåls

Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Innovation: Documentary and Diversity – Tomorrow Film School

Mobile educational unit formed by a bi-regional network of higher education institutions using documentary film as a tool for collaborative training and research for media professionals.

  • Target: Medium and small film schools, and communities, to develop training programs
  • Partnership: Funders, and film and media educational institutions
  • Keywords: Mobile technology, documentary film, storytelling and gender equality
Kaisa Haukka

Kaisa Haukka

University of Helsinki

Innovation: Lab Impact Global, Expertise in microbiology laboratories

Lab Impact Global (LIG) shares best practices to upgrade microbiology labs in developing countries. Training and partnership provided to build the capacity of lab personnel to meet the international quality standards in lab testing and research. Complementary mobile eLearning application for training is under development.

  • Target: Microbiology laboratories and practitioners
  • Partnership: Funding, and research and business sector collaboration
  • Keywords: Science-based knowhow, food security, health, consulting, online training
Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

University of Turku, School of Economics

Innovation: Massive Digital Libraries for Community Development

Portable, high density digital libraries for education purposes, aiming to bridge gaps in literacy, education and access to learning materials. Following three successful pilot projects in Tanzania and Kenya, the project is in a scalable implementation phase looking for partnerships.

  • Target: Education institutions (primary schools), NGO and government institutions
  • Partnership: Funders, co-developing institutions
  • Keywords: Tailored implementation, education innovation, digital tools, ICT
Pamela February

Pamela February

University of Jyväskylä / University of Namibia

Innovation: GraphoGame Afrikaans

Computer-based reading game for children focused on basic education of letters and sounds. Game adapts based on student ability.

  • Target: Pre- and lower primary school learners
  • Partnerships: Interested new users, game developers for other African language versions
  • Keywords: Child-friendly innovation, dynamic learning, research tool, eLearning
Roseanna Avento

Roseanna Avento

University of Eastern Finland

Innovation: Quinoa and amaranth-based food innovations

Multi-regional product development (Europe, LAC, Africa) of food innovations produced indigenous, under-utilised crops, to promote healthy food choices and develop agro-biodiversity.

  • Target: Malnourished and undernourished communities and gluten-free communities
  • Partnerships: Business partners focused on marketable products, experts and practitioners
  • Keywords: food security, development and commercialization of innovations, health, nutrition, food
Solomon Oyelere

Solomon Oyelere

University of Eastern Finland

Innovation: MobileEdu, Mobile learning application

Development research and design framework for contextualized learning on mobile devices in developing countries. All-inclusive support for large student groups.

  • Target: Students in Africa with growing access to mobile technology
  • Partnerships: Business partners for growth and expansion, prototype testing, marketing collaboration and further research, technical support, academia and research institutions
  • Keywords: educational innovation, contextualized learning,

Veijo Hytti & Niclas Sandström

Lappeenranta University of Technology & University of Helsinki

Innovation: Sustainable Education Design

Solution combining physical, pedagogical and virtual aspects of educational design, including sustainability indicators and energy solutions.

  • Target: Ministries of Education, private sector, funds
  • Partnerships: Funders, collaborating company network
  • Keywords: education, design, sustainability, resilience, community engagement
Janne Karjalainen

Janne Karjalainen

Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Innovation: Oamk LABs DevLAB – incubator for innovations in Health & Wellbeing, Digitalisation and Learning

Incubator programme for innovations from students and industry ‘problems’ from corporations in areas such as sustainable development, health technology and energy.

  • Target: End-users and Private sector
  • Partnerships: Universities, public, private organizations interested in the development of digital innovations e.g National Innovation Agencies, Incubators and Accelerators  such as tech hubs, Universities and Public NGOs offering education programs that support students to find and create employment
  • Keywords: Incubators, accelerators, sustainable development innovations