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Why Africa’s new crowdfunding platform is worth your attention and your R1000

Launching soon, GoGetta is Africa’s equity-based crowdfunding platform. They have created a home for Africa’s business mavericks and are opening the gates for savvy investors looking to put their money into the possibilities of Africa.

If you’ve heard of the crowdfunding concept, chances are it was a donation-based crowdfunding platform, like BackABuddy or GoFundMe, conceptualised to pool funds from ‘the crowd’ to raise a targeted amount of money in support for a specific cause. The returns – pure feel good.

And like all industries, crowdfunding has evolved significantly since the first campaign in 1997. In recent years, the equity-based crowdfunding model has gained a lot of traction globally. According to a market research study published by Facts and Factors, the demand analysis of global crowdfunding market size & share revenue is expected to cross USD 28.2 billion by 2028, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 11.8 % between 2022 and 2028. For those who don’t speak finance lingo, that’s solid growth!


Arm yourself with a sense of purpose

Next up in the “Start loud with WHY” series – Tarisiro Matiza, a project manager at SAIS, shares her story – with a medical science background, her dedication to helping and growing African entrepreneurs, and how she connects her passion with why she does what she does…

Being intrigued by the world of entrepreneurship, she first started her journey at SAIS as an intern. Seeing African entrepreneurs grow, scale, and develop through the various programmes within SAIS, she was inspired by and resonated with the African entrepreneurial mindset that is driving the development and innovation on the continent.

Join us as we discover Tarisiro’s values, passions, and strengths that all connect to supporting and creating the African entrepreneurship narrative.